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I will be killing about 20 / 30% of projects and taking a summer break.

I think Im getting to a stage of changing the way I do a lot of things.

Because Im so heavily invested in doing what I do I guess I develop different ways of thinking about.

I wrote about Google a few days ago. All that stuff that was my early career….like “I want a billion uniques a day”
Im just changing the way I think about it. I don’t really need typical metrics any more.

So Im going through a round of killing off projects Good for my own energy. One of the projects Ill kill is Canna Talent. I didn’t speak much about it. Nice concept. Would have been fun. Would have been good to work with Creatives in Cannabis. But a year or two into building it. You get a good sense. Hard Yacka. Probably lots a labor for every dollar in that kind of business. So I will just put it down as an experiment. Good data points but not something I will build out.

So I am seeing models now where I can spend less time hacking and more time in the real world. Maybe just sitting on the computer an hour a day. A lot of my stuff is getting heaps more stable now also so By introducing a few new technologies over the last few years doing my work is stupid cheap, stable and reliable. I can build a shop in a week and have it running 24/7. So when the Jew Cults Play all these scarcity games. Getting good at what you do. Practicing. Who cares if you go bankrupt??? Like if it takes you 5 days to build a shop and it can operate while you nap. What do you have to loose. All the models that the head sick men put in place to rape us. We can break. So thats why I run my media with Balls. Because when you talk about learning your craft. I can produce from end to end taking from nothing but my imagination. It is quite cost effective. You get to the point where you can say….well no one can stop me doing what I do.

Im having a few weeks off over Christmas to spend some quite time with my Hash Pipe.

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