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Indigenous Australians and American Elections. 

I tend to look down and read more than I speak about and only say something if something Is pissing me off.

Did you guys pay much attention to the US Election? I really didn’t this year.

It concerns me though that Indigenous people seemed super engaged but also seemed To be speaking more positively about America than Australia. Why are they seeing a more positive future in America? They shouldn’t they have a more positive future here.

It really shouldn’t be that and there is a number of reasons why and a number of reasons why We should be concerned.

For Australia America is not above us. They are really not more powerful on the world stage.

It also shows that European Australians are failing. Maybe we are looking to the USA too closely for our future?

And thats what I think the Indigenous people are doing. They are looking at a bunch of Europeans who are looking to America also. Which is an error.

Anyways thats why I got pissed off last week. It just seems like Indigenous peoples communications not only look to America but Speak for Americas Interests???

I don’t want to see that. All Indigenous people born in Australia have a positive future written for them. Don’t kiss American butts.

Im going to be publishing some more things on the topic soonish, but for now to try and maybe help you guys point your own head in the right direction I will leave you this.

I wrote this post a few weeks ago with Eddie Mabo. And I showed how he died under the cross is the priests showing you he didn’t I guess succeed as a christian. For an aboriginal man this is like getting sent to the sin bin 10 minutes before dream time. Unfortunate timing.

Well Understand this. If you die Under the US Flag. It is LOWER that dying beneath a cross. So Every Black Man. Every White Woman. That for example takes payment from the US Government. Has a predicament. That before they are dead. They need to find a truth that frees them from the bondage of the USA. Again. If you die UNDER the US Flag. Serving the USA. Its lower than under the Christian Cross. There are a lot of nations out there guys. Choose wisely.

I have been introducing you to my bathroom amenities. And showing you that Israel is the poop shoot. Like the drain pipe where the poop goes. Well America is like the S Bend in the toilet. Thats where we put the shit to see if it is going to Flush, or try to crawl back up and have another try.

Im happy that Indigenous people have friends in America. But Indigenous people can be friends with people from any nation. The fact that their attention is drawn to America when they run their election magic show speaks of poor management in Australia. We ourselves need to ensure our heads pay attention to the right things and if we do so will they. It was kind of embarrassing for me to see a bunch of indigenous people running around after America. It shows that the Europeans here are not showing them the right direction either. I don’t think we need to make such a huge deal of US elections here, what we will find long term is that they have less impact on our future than we once thought.

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