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Italy Region Naming Brief

This Is Guidance On The Future Direction Of Italy.

As Far A Nations Go. Italy. Reading:
Eye Transmutation Divine Base Father.

Is Fairly Clean. And As Far As Concepts Of Nations Go. To Be A Place To Produce Divine Base Beings.

We Deal With Much More Sinister Concepts In Other Lands.

Im Certain It’s True, There Is All Kinds Of Mystery Surrounding The History Of The Peoples That Have Once Occupied Those Lands. Etruscans And Im Sure Many Other Interesting Characters. 

But It Seems That The Contribution Italy Has Made To Global Culture. Both Social Culture And Political Culture. Is So Substantial. That Trying To Unwind Mysterious Histories Becomes A Second Priority To Reinforcing And Reminding People Of The Importance And The Strength Of Italy And The Italian People. 

This Region Naming Brief Is To Inform People Of How We See The Influence Of The Nation Of Italy.

In Terms Of The Concept Of Austrasia. That Doesn’t Really Overlap So Much With Italy, Although By All Means Italy Does Have That Same Strong Relationship With Asia. Such That Asian Cultures Should Believe That If They Are Beings Of High Conduct Then Italy Is A Nation They Should Be Able To Both Access And Trade With.  

Being Honest. In The Lands Of Siam. Who’s History Speaks Of The Practice Of Frank Masonry And Close Relationships With The French. Interest And Adoption Of Italian Culture Seems Greater. With Large Italian Development Corporations Collaborating In Construction On Those Lands.

But The Concept Of Austrasia In Europe Doesn’t So Much Overlap With The Geography Of Italy.

I Don’t See Why At This Point, Just Like I Have Said Of Scotland, Ireland And Wales. We Can’t Restore And Utilise The Concept of The Kingdom Of Italy.

Beyond That. As Our People Have Successfully Resorted Our Divinity And Our Access To The Divine Realms. It Seems To Me That Restoring The Conception Of The Holy Roman Empire Is A Legitimate Undertaking.

And In That Being Said. When I Said Previously That We Will No Longer Recognise The Lands Of Germany. Much Of What We See As The Southern Germany. Potentially Parts Of Switzerland. And Parts Of Austria. Who I Seldom Write About, Have Issues With Or Engage With. Will Be Consumed By Italian Command Out Of The Holy Roman Empire.

It Would Be My Expectation. That Due To Conduct And Spirit. This Will Principally Impact Switzerland And Germany. 

Who’s Administrative Functions, Decision Making Processes And Territories Will Be Increasingly Consumed By Political Command In The Lands Of Italy. Looking At The History of Europe. Many Nation Formations And Boundary Changes Have Been Influenced Quite Recently And By Dubious Forces To Say The Least.

It Is Entirely Our Peoples Right To Reclaim These Territories Through The Recovery Of Our Divinity And Non Military Administrative Adjustments Accomplished Through Media Communications And Correct Education Of The People.

That’s A Summary Of How Italy’s Influence Will Change To The North.

In Terms Of Italian Expansion To The South And South East.

Italian People Will Continue To Have Access To And Enjoy Trade Relations With Egypt Through The Port City Of Alexandria And Influence Lands As Far South As Ethiopia Again In Non Military Expansion.

Both In Italy And In The Lands Of Africa. Subversive Media Forces That Aim To Pollute Our Minds And Suppress The Spirit And Dignity Of Our People Will Be Eliminated. The 666 Cults In The Lands Of Egypt That Challenge Italian Presence, Influence And Culture Will Be Removed From The Land. Energetic Parasitism Technology Will Be Prohibited From Being Used Against Italian People In Those Lands As Well As The Local Egyptian People And African People.

Digital And Media Communications Providers Will Be Held To The Highest Standard Of Conduct In Terms Of Privacy And Data Use. Given What I Have Experienced In Terms Of Tracking And Harassment. I Dread To Think What Goes On In Egypt And Africa.

It Also Seems Appropriate That The Italian People Begin To Excerpt Influence In Lands That We Have Historically Ruled In Turkey.

It Seems To Me That The Demons Who Have Highjacked Our Light Communications And Transmutation Technology Believe They Will Overwrite And Erase Our Nations Cultures Through Deception And Brain Rape. And Then Bonce Bonk Us Into Nonsense Wars And Spirit Quackery Through Synthetic AI Mind Games.

Our Peoples Preference Would Be The Continued Expansion Of Our Culture And Influence Through Peaceful Trade, Education And Non Military Territorial Reclamation. Whilst Eliminating Suppressive Abusive Dark Cults From The Lands And Media Through Occult Means.

Thats A View I Have Of Italy’s Future. Despite If You May Have Heard A Different Future In The Media. 



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