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Leonard Cohen Strong – Spirit Cursing and Heart Hexing, This is what the Fukushima Fallout is really about.

So I guess you could say for me guys, Fukushima was a ball. I had a bunch of fun there.

Im going to make this a really long post and add some extra stories to it. Because I think people will read it.

But when I look back and the office in Fukushima. Jews, Low Australians and Arabs. So thats where your nuclear meltdown Comes from. All of these blue bloods feeding on the land and feeding on the children through lies.

I really didn’t get along with the other westerners in Fukushima. Actually we got along well enough. I didn’t really form any lasting friendships. But thats I guess where the GF came in. I was always busy.

It’s a shame that people will take an experience that was fun for me and turn It into a disaster. I’ve written about one of my Spiritual experiences in Fukushima before. Well one of the other cool things that happened in Fukushima was I quit smoking Tobacco completely. I had to jump on these old bikes and ride out to Fukushima YTAS so within a few weeks I just knew smoking And doing that ride would kill me. So I quit cold turkey and never smoked again since Fukushima.

I was thinking about Fukushima and the Nuclear Nonsense that has happened there. And asking myself whats the dealio? What is the angle? Im not studying news stories out of Japan or Anything. But the main story about Fukushima for me was the Girlfriend I had there, I don’t know for how long we dated. A few months maybe. Despite the Fact I have said so before. We didn’t really meet in a classroom. I knew her from the language school but I actually met her outside A Family Mart one night. I was partying. And a bunch of people came back to our place to continue the party. We exchanged numbers and then Went on a date. It’s really good writing this stuff out now because I have answers. Really solid answers as to what they are doing in Fukushima. Ill write a few posts because I have a lot of old photos still.

If I look back at my relationship with Namiko, this is how we were all the time. As in in the photo. We couldn’t really let go of each other. I don’t think or I don’t personally remember having any argument With her ever. But when we were at a restaurant this is how we were constantly, I couldn’t take my hands off her. She was the Cutesey Girl. Everyone knew her in the Language School.

So why nuclear meltdown in Fukushima? What are the Jews trying to achieve? The decoding material for this story has only really come to me in the last year or two. So if you take her name Namiko and my name Stuart you get StuNami. TsuNami. None of that stuff I knew for decades after. When I have a GF, all I really think about is the good time I have with that person. I shut everything else out. I don’t really like the fact that our private relationship was turned into a massive weather event. It feels to me like again our elders participating in some strange way abuse. So the people threatening to fire me were also running around on the rumour network. Stangeness.

And Im sure that I myself have bragged to a bunch of men about my GF in Fukushima, but put it this way in our culture. Like in Japan if you turn 40 as a woman, live with parents they call you parasite (parasito). Well in our culture if men don’t have sex before 40. The swedes throw us off a cliff and then hit us in the head with a large hammer. They then turn our body into Swedish meatballs and eat us with spaghetti and ketchup.

And thats another truth about my relationship in Fukushima. Namiko wasn’t my first Girlfriend but she was my first lover. She was really the first girl that things worked out well with. We didn’t speak single word of the same language but just wanted to know what each other had to say.

Im not going to try and go all mushy with this post. It was a break up long in the past. I cared for Namiko a lot. But she broke up with me. She didn’t give me any other choice or option for debate. But thats fine I do the same thing to people if things go pear shaped. When I was trying to ascertain what has happened in Fukushima I was like why…….whats there? Well one of the things was that I Got involved in this relationship. So I had full time work, heaps of hobbies, private students. Very busy boy. But I spent heaps of time with Nami and we holidayed in a few places.

The thing with the relationship with Namiko was there was this barrier. You know the feeling when you tell a woman something, she doesn’t believe you? I had that with Namiko. “Namiko Im not allowed to be dating you.” We had this barrier where we would arrange our dates by phone. She never believed me. I wasn’t lying to her. I kept telling her. She was probably a woman looking for an honest boyfriend. And she was getting this story. But the thing is it was true what I was telling her. They were threatening to fire me.

Even though like I say, I don’t think the distant history of this relationship deserves mushiness. For all I know Nami and Co are eating on Mission Bell Atomix Chilli Snax just like Ashley is. But to try and squeeze some actual words of kindness into this post. I don’t feel badness for the break up. My feeling at the time was. She was too reliant on rumour networks instead of just communicating with me. The sympathy I do feel though. Is I know now how aggressive the forces that seek to curtail my life are. I feel sympathy for other families in Japan who I just befriended for the sake of having a good time. Thats all that my friendships in Japan were about. Exploring foreign lands the and enjoying the time. I do feel sympathy for people who I may have been friends with and have had to deal with bad forces in their lives because of who my family history is. I had NO IDEA how much force they would try to erect against me, and if anyone has experienced suffering I am apologetic.

So what the Jews try to do at end times. Is hex or curse our heart. I made a picture from Fukushima the other day. It was old colleagues in the office of a mall school. One of the Guys was Jewish in fact there were a few Jewish people in the town. The medallion I put on the picture is from a Jewish Priesthood. What it is saying is “At the end of time (The Shin End Times)” The jewish priests will curse or hex the heart.

If you have pressure or stress in your life, you need to think that people may be doing these things to you. In fact if you are a christian you need to teach your children that people will attempt to do these things to you in some manner.

Whats the big deal of a heart hex or curse? Well if you are a man and as you get old they tell you are an Evil Man. You have Been Bad with your Banana. So Bad that before my very eyes your banana has gone black! …Well some men will start to believe it. This leads to stress, depression, sadness. Its a heart curse. As nice as it sounds. Im lucky enough that I get to the bottom of things. This is how men often end up in like Alcoholism / Depression scenarios. Fortunately im a herbalist.

So they have taken a part of my life that was a great experience and they want you to believe it was a Catastrophe. I don’t remember that. I loved Fukushima. It’s sad to me that I sat in rooms and taught children who’s future we had positive intentions for. That now think their own city is a disaster zone. The men who have orchestrated that with their hand should be punished in Blood.

When you study what was ultimately the demise of 10000+ people in Afghanistan (1800’s The Great Disaster in Afghanistan). One of the things the locals didn’t like was the europeans with the Afghan women. The Japanese people also have to worry about the European treatment of women in Japan and we need to worry about the treatment of our women there. But for me there is no conversation about sexual morality through my time in Japan. Over 5 Years I had 3 GF’s. All of those girls I dated, took sking, vacations, dinners, lunches. Taking your Japanese GF to an onsen in Niseko is a nice memory. But In Japan I didn’t even have one night stands. Just a few relationships that I worked on. What I wanted with Namiko was just a normal relationship. So if we went out with friends. She would have been my girlfriend. So that she could stay with me on the weekends. And we didn’t have to run around and hide all the time. Unfortunately I had to deal with too many noisy minors, there was nothing I could do. That was really what my final relationship in Japan was like. Normal. I would stay at her appt and we would walk to work together. So I wasn’t immature with Japanese women, if you were a Good looking English Guy hitting clubs in Tokyo you would pull three women in a week. I had 3 GFs in 5 years. No strip clubs. No Hostess Girls. But that happens in Japan. There is a hostess scene in some Japanese cities they sell women on menus. I bet some of the men from fukushima have frequent guest passes.

Anyways, what I told Namiko dozens of times during our relationship was true. I still remember diving into her lap in her little nissan box car to hide from my co-workers. Because I was stressing. One day I was at work. Normal Work Day. A retentive English Man came to fire me. I was just having a normal work day. This guy comes and sits me down for a formal chat and was obviously going to get his pleasure. Firing me. I just said, you don’t have to do that. I already have a job somewhere else. I knew they were not stable in the head as their nuclear antics demonstrate. The guy who came to fire me obviously went high up in the corp to do that and was shitty he couldn’t carry out normalities.

With all of my Japanese relationships, the mere 3. I invested to try and make something work. I wasn’t disrespectful to women. In fact I tried to leave them all with positive experiences and lasting memories. If the Japanese want to talk about nuclear meltdowns in Fukushima focus on the English women fucking Japanese men. Focus on Australian Men Womanising Japanese women so hard that they would keep score. If you are an Australian Woman teaching in Japan you can’t tell me you haven’t heard Aussie Guys keep score in the lesson prep room? Focus on the people in Japan pushing people into prostitution which is a story I have heard Australian women tell in Japan.

I don’t have any great convo to have with Japanese people because I behaved pretty well as a man. But your attempts to curse and hex my heart and my experience are all going to fail. You have to admit though. When it comes to love and marriage. You rarely say ‘I wish I had married the girl in the town where they did the nuclear catastrophe thing.’ It really just tells me I would have been running around in a town with a bunch of stupid compliant drunkard Japanese men following the top dog blue jew down the poop shoot hole to see who can do the dumbest thing first. Probably wouldn’t have worked if I stayed.

I have to include this sentiment…..when it comes to travelling. Yeah do date the women. You want to have the right attitude. Don’t have disrespect for people you engage in intimate acts with. But I would encourage you to date a nation. I want to speak about men who were in relationships with Japanese Women. This is an interesting Gauge. Because I dated a few Japanese Girls. So you do think about your destiny. All of the men with Japanese Women Seemed Hella Whipped. As in Stressed, overworked and lacking in Oxygen. Im sure as a western man you can do well enough in Japan. But that is still the vibe I got. These men were not living easy. One dude in Osaka. Louis. He was a kind of fun guy to hang out with. He had just had a baby. He used to say to me “Stuart Man. You gotta help me. My Life is hell man. You gotta help me..” So thats the vibe I was getting from a lot of men.

There wasn’t a great deal of sin or catastrophe from me in Japan. There was an attempt to live. We are permitted that in the bible.

If you look at the scenario. I travelled to Japan to try and work with them on the gift of English. I developed by myself an appreciation of their lands natural beauty. I left. I spoke fondly of their lands and customs for years. And what are they doing. Fucking their own Youth in the brains about their own lands beauty and history. As a Japanese person. You would have to be stupid retarded. We could almost assume these people have forgotten god or neglected the importance of looking.

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