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More Musings on the Word Maori – Some Thoughts. Moors. Maoris. Melanin. Masonry + the Mexicans.

I mentioned in a recent post that the word Maori seems to be connected to the word Moor.

That word Moor seems to come from a greek word meaning Black.

Just like the word Melanin, coming from a word meaning Black.

Tehehehe. I guess that means Check Mate White guys. No matter what we say you be black.

But seriously. This is how I see just scanning the scenario.

I haven’t researched Maori history and culture beyond watching Once Were Warriors, which is probably a capture of its worst darkest aspects. This is actually more to do with Moor than Maori.

But this view is just from a scan at the words used in online Encyclopedias, masonic imagery and the narrative perpetuated in culture. If you embark on a career path in for example particle physics. They are going to teach you really early on that there is no such thing as perpetual motion energy. If you embark on a career in aircraft maintenance they are going to teach you really early on to calculate all the fuel loads and burn times etc. They are going to teach you a lot of things that they expect you to know and repeat are such a way.

Well when you start your journey studying Moors, they are going to teach you there is no such thing. Right there on the first paragraph or so of hickipedia. Masonically They are going to teach you believing in Moors is a step down the step case. They are going to teach you that if you do, house of Visconti is going to send Christopher Walken over with some steel to correct your grey matter.

So the only question you have to answer yourself is. Have there ever been powerful, influential, organised melanated muslims in northern Africa that have embarked on conquests in Europe and other places? Probably. I don’t think that subjecting such peoples to subjugation via brain bonking alone is the path forward. It’s like they say in that Apocalypto film. Fear is contagious. Showing these people that we are masonically scared of the history of earth and trying to flee from it so I can put corn flakes on the table, not so strong. Referring to the same film, all those little amazonian children I believe that the workings of the light realm and human spirit, that if all those Amazonian children lost their families at a young age. Certain truths, realities apparitions about their culture and history would come to them from the creator and spirit throughout their life. It matters not a fucking thing what Jimmy Fails chooses to publish on to the etherwebs.

Same applies for Maori’s. I don’t have a deep knowledge of their historic origins or cultural practice. I think that assuming they originate from northern Africa because of the word Moor alone is a stretch. It seems like historically people just attaching the black label. But I’m pretty sure they would agree that they do exist also, despite some folks more than willing to argue otherwise.

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