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Myanmar & Thailand Are Now Classified As Hard Elemental Death Purge Zones (HEDPZ’s)

Due To The Nature And Extent Of Transgression On The Lands Regrettably We Have had To Classify Them As Hard Elemental Death Purge Zones.

All Beings Present in The Lands Will Be Subjected To Accelerated Testing To Ascertain If They Are Suitable To Continue Living Amongst Our Humanity.

Also Regrettably In The Coming Days, It Is Possible We Will Have To Classify Japan As A Hard Elemental Death Purge Zone. In Essence The Nature Of Communication We Receive In Response From Japan is Unacceptable.

What The Japanese Will Likely Find As Others Are Finding Is That Their Dominion Of The Archipelago / Mountain Island Region They Call Japan Is Less Assured Than They Might Think.

What We Might Hope To Achieve To Correct Deep Transgression In The Region Is A Steep Reduction In Population Of The Japanese / Ben BloodLine And Introduction Of New Blood Lines To The Region With Pre Specified Dominion Rights.

Sorry Guys About The 1 Step Forward 1 Step Back. I Try To Do Everything That I Can Do To Do What God Requests And Expects Of Me But I Can’t Perform Miracles In A 1 Sided Communicative Relationship With A Violent Cunning Yellow Snake.

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