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Recalibrating Our Exchange With Africa.

I have a horrible tendency as a human of being too open, too caring & too giving. What I generally find is that CIA take what they can when they can and run.

So I have responsibilities to our own people and I will say this of our relationship with Africa.

If Africa Is Going to become an equal part of the world. Then Africa’s Social and Political Problems will be solved in Africa. Sure there is some extent to which we need to partner with them to do that. But If Africans want to be respected and respected in their nations as well as ours. They will first excel at building advanced efficient nations in Africa. Our Nations are not an escape from Africa. They are not an escape to an easy life.

Our Nations, are not healing and growing grounds for Africans. Thats what Africa Is.

I would also Acknowledge that Africa has dealt with A LOT of Bad foreign Influence over the years just as I have said of China.

I would like to be more generous. But I don’t think African men as a whole are advanced enough to know what is expected to reciprocate our nations generosity. They will be advanced enough when they have built advanced nations in Africa.

So what I want to be clear on is that the Migration that will take place between Africa and our nations will be between beings who are
– Highly Skilled
– Highly Trained
– Highly Tested
– Highly Trusted

And have a body of their own work that demonstrates these things.

One of the things that our nations might like to see for example, is that African men that migrate to our nations have first travelled to and succeeded in multiple African nations.

One of our nations where migration seems to be an Issue is Italy, a nation I have a connection with but know little of. Some advice to the people of Italy.
– If something or someone is working for Italy, for example Agricultural workers. Then don’t let my words stop things from working.
– Africans that have human Rights issues in their home state can be repatriated to an alternate African state that is safer.
– Nations are free to establish repatriation incentives as I have proposed.
– Africans should be informed that crimes such as

     - Forced Theft
     - Forced Sexual Assault
     - Forcing women into prostitution
     - Public Violence against anyone

Are punished severely in our nations. Most often resulting in Prison Time and then Repatriation.

Lets again try and punish individuals, not communities.

I spotted Richard Gere out on a Boat with some Angry Melanated Chappies.
Yes, Richard Gere would be enough to drive you to Anger. But not enough to give a continent open access to our nations. Richard Gere is going to fuck up anyones day. On a boat. A Car, a Plane. A Train. Richard Gere Doesn’t Give Africa Open Access to Italy.

So if there are African Communities in Italy that cause problems, I don’t Mind if.
– There are negotiated repatriations.
– Targeted programs to resolve social issues.
– Targeted arrests of people linked to organised crime.

It is really for Italy to openly communicate to the world what is good and is working, and what is not.

It is completely unacceptable for me to tell Italian people they need to sacrifice their days or their families days for African migrants.

I appreciate that in that part of the world, between the continents of Africa, Europe and the Middle East we need to consider traditional historic human flows. And allow there to be energetic flows and exchanges between these continents.

It might seem that the best solution is being strict on individuals who are not up to standard, and then considerate of communities that are.

I see really nice communications coming out of nations like Kenya and Ethiopia. The Intellect & level of Advancement in Spiritual communication that comes out of nations such as these will be a gateway to partnering with our nations. As will African nations ability to demonstrate that domestic populations are coordinated, part of advanced projects, organised, clear thinking and efficient. These things will be gateways to opportunities in our nations.

As I have said in a recent post, Due to the nefarious influence of the Jewish Force, which I have studied and now comprehend to a fine detail I’m very concerned about the Africans that we have allowed into our nations. It’s both a concern that they might not be ready to live in our nations and our nations might not have enough to bring them up to scratch. That some of these people are here as negative influences, carry dark telephony equipment and ultimately report to our enemies.

I have had some issues with some occult forces in my life that I believe in a way has been intended to be a communication to me, relating to race. I have always been quite friendly to African people including Migrants in Australia. Unfortunately the nature of that communication was so sick, I will be tightening my views in this area. I will be expanding that story later.

What African People Need to Appreciate Is That Australia in Particular Has its own Indigenous Populations that are FAR from cared for. The people who have sought to make topics like African Migration or South African Migration a Topic, are really in Denial. And Most Likely People with selfish interest.

I will be seeking that Australia put strict testing procedure in place before African Migrants are offered positions in Hospitals. I will be asking society as a whole to review the African Migrants that we have accepted. To offer commercial repatriation programs. At This point I am asking that due to the sensitivity of the time in Australia some Migrants consider if it is not best that they return home to build in their own nation.

I will also be asking all of our nations to put strict testing procedures in place before opening to African Migrants. Again, this is being published as an outline of what is to come. It will be expanded on in decrees.

As Africa’s own Nations develop, we see the advancement coming through Im sure things will become easier. We can easily as nations demand that our conduct in Africa is not intended to exploit. We can easily guide those nations on polices that will improve quality of life for all people in those lands. And as we do that we will raise the acceptance standard from our nations and expect that Africa will itself be producing higher quality migrants through improved Social conditions in their own lands.

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