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Russia Responsible For Attempted Invasion Event


On Feb 23, 2021 We Published A Piece Indicating That Australia Would Record An Invasion Event. 

At That Time We Implicated Blue Blood Cults Originating From Israel. We Had Extremely Violent Words With Citizens Of The USA And The US Armed Services. Informing Them That They Would Likely Be Introduced To Our Peoples Traditional Pipe To Skull Technology. If Their Low Conduct, Hexing And Suppressive Media Communications Persisted. We Also Expressed Objection To A Variety Of Military Scenarios That Were Being Reported On At The Time.

Since Then, We Have Had The Need To Exchange Violent Words With A Number Of Other Nations And Races Including Chinese And Japanese. Who Are Involved In Advanced Violent Light Casting Against Our People, Occult Elemental Warfare And Violent Physical And Consciousness Suppression Through The Medical And Policing Systems.

Today, Im Including Russia In This Narrative. And Stipulating That We Will Be Recording A Invasion Attempt Originating From The Lands Of Russia And Ukraine. In Association With Media, Military, Government, Intelligence And Occult Bodies In The USA.

The Implications For The USA, Is There Will Be A Breadth Of Corporate And Institutional Bankruptcies And Closures Of Bodies Ultimately Found Unfit To Operate Across The Lands Of Earth.

For Russia The Implication Of Failed, Bankrupted Governmental And Commercial Bodies Will Be Similar.

We Will Be Publishing A Media Curtailment And Restriction Order For Russia And The Ukraine. And Will Be Implementing Laws In Our Nations That Limit Russian And Ukrainian Influence Of Our Broadcasting Technologies. Just The Same Way We Have Requested Our Nations Put In Place Extremely Tight Security Measures To Restrict Chinese And Japanese Access To Technologies Such As Broadcasting And Telecommunications Towers.

Finally What We See Transpiring As An Outcome. Is That Any Russian, Ukrainian, US Or European Influence Over Australian Lands Or Other Lands Of Our People Through Debt Instruments Will Be Totally Nullified Due To Their Use Of False Light Casting And Projection Technology And Etheric And Spiritual Violence Against our Peoples.

We Are Briefing People With A Variety Of Different Posts On The Nature Of The Spiritual Occultism, Violence And Etheric Manipulation Originating From Russia.

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