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Russia Will not be excluded from Deep Investigation into Afghanistan War Crimes.

I wrote a post on Tesla in China and I said, we are keenly aware about the complexity of business relationships.

So Tesla are in America. They do many works of great and profound unholiness. Who from where they really hale? Germany? England? Israel. The low born jew pig cults are so firmly entrenched in all of those nations. That the origin of Tesla’s backing could be anywhere. But as soon as you know that they are running a huge factory in China. You Know that there people there doing the wrong thing by us also.

Im keenly aware that Russia also has a long military history in Afghanistan.

Unfortunately for Russia and the Russian people despite the fact they have shown greater abstinence and I don’t believe from the research I have done to date have sent too many of their foundry fella’s toward Afghanistan.

This does not completely absolve their nation from participation.

How. Why? Wheres the connect.

Easy one word.


A massive multinational corporate who’s principal founders are Russian Jews.

So here is what will transpire.

Russia’s abstinence from physical participation in Afghanistan is not Absolution from crime.

What we must ascertain is if the Russian people abstained from spiritual participation in the Afghanistan war and if they did – was their an intent to participate in the spiritual exploitation of the Afghani people?

The fact of the matter is Compliance with Tyranny in the realm of Spirit is worse than the application of violent physical suppression of people using things like guns and tanks.

So I guess this is me Flashing Russia up a bunch of Fancy Fuckin time Keepin pieces like I was PB Shemran. And letting them determine how they will wind up in the judgements on Afghanistan.

Did they Abstain from waring with Afghanistan both Physically and Spiritually.

Or did they erect a veil of secrecy. Abstain from physical and participate in an unethical occult spiritual war via big tech corps like Google?

Time will soon tell.

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