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Some Notes On My Early Travels In New Savile.

Typing This Mainly For Me.

Just Some Thoughts. Told You Guys A Bunch Of Times Goonies Or Monsters Would Street Stalk Me. As I Walked Around Night Or Day.

They Would Always Be Like, “YOU ARE IN THE Philippines!! You Know?”.

I Got To The Point Where I Was Like, Why Do They Keep Telling Me That? Why Are They Stressing. The Question Was….Why Continue Enforcing This Question Everywhere????

It Dawned On Me Today. It’s A Bullshit Story Basically. Like Every Soul In The Country Is A Useless Lying Thief. How Could It Be A Legit Country. It’s Not. It’s A Bullshit Story.

My Conclusion Before Leaving Is That It Is A Mis breed Race. Looking Into It. It’s Some Type Of Dodgy Nigger Bred With A Dodgy Asian. I Don’t Think God Even Likes It.

Anyways The Core Bit Of Bullshit – USA Led Us To Independence! Yeah Sure It Did Monkey Nigger. Sure It Did.

I’ll Pull Back The Story Over Time. Not That Much interest In Region. Don’t Go To Places To Intervene, But I Can Probably Purge The Bullshit of A Nest Of Blue Bloods Talking Bullshit Sovereignty Stories Faster Than Others.

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