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Thoughts On China

I don’t know a great deal about China. It is the only nation I have traveled though where I thought to myself “I feel as If Im in an Alien Land”.

The Only thing I have to say about it from a political perspective is that a nations history determines its future. I think that China’s history and even more current conduct is very different than other nations that I cover in writing.

So I do believe the Chinese people are smart and Cunning. And I think they enjoy a good lunch probably even more than me. And in many respects we should be cautions on how we engage with them. But what they have to deal with as a nation now, is very different than other nations.

This picture attached is from my local discount store. I like those kind of stores. They are great for making convenience at home. But this picture is hella freaky. Really scary stuff.

I personally don’t blame China. The fact is that Many Chinese Factories have foreign influence. Many of those foreign influences practice dark occultism.

This is something that China Has to Clean Up.

But if you compare that to America or England. Very Different Clean Up.

So I don’t have any major love for China. It is a Nation on earth like all others. Historically they have probably been a bit better than other nations and I think On the Whole it has a bright future. We are trying to clean up our nations as is China. Some of that clean up literally spills into my back yard. That is how far spread the dark occultism goes.

With this particular discount store in Sippy Downs where this photo is taken, I will keep shopping there but expect to see at some point a closing down sale and change of management.

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