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Understanding Philippines Judgement At The End Of Time.

At The End Of Time The Totality Of Philippines Population Have Been Found To Have Failed Their Judgement.

We No Longer Consider The Region A HEDPZ – It Is A Region We Will Treat As A Full Genocide Death Purge Zone (FGDPZ). Such Regions Are Regions Where We Do Not Formally Recognise Populations That Reside On The Lands And Regions Where We Make No Commitment To The Continuity Of Populations.

With The Example Of The Phillipines Over Time We Will Endeavour To Introduce New Communities And Blood Lines To The Region And Ultimately Prioritise Conditions For New Dominion Holders Over Existing Transgressor Populations. I Have Very Finite Understanding Of Who Those People Think They Are, And Why They Might Think Anything Belongs To Them.

I Will Be Referring To The Nation Under A New Name In The Coming Weeks.

I Will Ask Our Media Workers To Begin Ceasing Using Terms Like Phillipines & Filipino As The Nation Is Renamed.

The Reality Of Our Relationship With The Region Is We Are Not Permitted To Allow Beings Of Such Low Character To Continue Living.

More Judgements Pertaining To The Archipelago Will Come Soon.

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