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What I pursue Beyond Money

Sometimes I’m critical of my folks for their shortcomings in the room upstairs. I’ve heard other young Australians say that about their elderly parents. But you have to be grateful for the things they got right. One thing they got right was raising us somewhere peaceful and beautiful.

Don’t you think its amazing that despite the fact that our nations have closed borders, their are still goonies playing occult consciousness harassment games? I think it is amazing. My Best guess is that these goonies are in America or serve America.

It is super important that we remember what it was like to grow as a child amongst the trees and the sun. Before I take a big salary, before I grip a bunch of greenbacks in my fist, what I will have first. What I will take back by way of right. Is simple access to clean oxygen, peaceful skies and trees waving in the breeze. Lets Call it Clean Consciousness.

That kind of God Consciousness topic is one of the themes in The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus.

I won’t be toning back my dialogue with the USA or the Jewish Corporations that operate from it. Until it is clear they are conducting themselves on earth in the correct manner. They are far from it at present.

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