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What I would like to see happen with UK Borders and outbound travel from Scotland.

Well. I think it is fair to say if we don’t come out of this one on top. History is not going to look favourably on my strategy documentation.

In this post I’m just going to give some more detail on what I want to see happen with outbound travel from Scotland. Once again I will be monitoring to see what happens over the coming weeks to see progress.

England / Scotland Border:
– Despite the illustration Im not saying per-se deploy the military. That would seem like a Trump thing to do. For All I care it can be college kids at check points wearing Jimmy Hats. We need to make sure, before you get into Scotland and out of an Air or Sea port you have been tested on the legitimacy of your work against the requirements of our people. Have they lived up to their obligations? Do they have any historical misdeeds to Atone for? Being English you would expect that they do.

– I don’t know how residency works between nations in the UK at this point. If English people are living in Scotland and are responsible for crimes against our people, they should return to England for their trial.

– We need to make sure people are not fleeing from anything.

– Agriculture. One stage of screening will be through the Agriculture work process. People that are bulk screened and in need of employment of any type. Agriculture, Construction, Manufacture etc etc. Can be brought through in Bulk by busses or whatever. Through those working processes they can also be overseen as part of their spiritual testing. Working in Scotland can be a gateway to your future Journey. Beyond the considerable amount of Time I have had to spend promoting the Image and Character of the people of Scotland. The People of Scotland Have in fact been Spiritually Tested. They Have Passed That Test. And they are suitably qualified to Manage your spiritual testing as you progress on your journey.

England / France Border:
– Blind French Men with funny hats and magical magnet pastries.
– Rail travel out of England closed accept for travel in the case of emergency. (Excluding Freight.)
– Tourist Sea Travel closed during the same period. (Excluding Freight.)
– Flights Only Between Scotland And France.

England Airports:
– Only inbound flights should be Repatriations & Cargo plus any other critical logistics or humanitarian Exceptions.
– England is welcome to continue on its commercial ventures under lock down. We not trying to put our Knee on their neck. That’s their style. Outbound Freight Travel is Permitted.
– Realistically no outbound passenger flights should be leaving Aside from Medical Emergencies. Any Flights Should be Screened by security.
– England’s Airports Should be manned By Scottish Security Services, Military Personnel or People approved and Screened by them.

United Kingdom Sea Ports:
I would ask that the operations of All UK Sea Ports be Administered and Overseen by the leaders of the Nation of Scotland.

Welsh Border: Do people still live in Wales? Are there still functioning utilities there? I’m not so sure its an issue. What are people going to do? Flee to Wales. Yeah right. Then Where next? Ireland? HAHAHA. Pfft. Stupid Plan right. Killer Whales on the border. Do something good for once. Make yourselves helpful. You might actually put yourself on the Map. People might actually want to travel to Wales one day.

Ireland: The people of Ireland are of the character that they would invite you to a play fight and turn it into professional MMA mid match. UNNNNNNNNNNHOLY. If they want to fly out of anywhere they can Swim First and then make an Application at the Airport. If of course they pass the spiritual testing. Which due to their low and UNNNNNNNHOLLLLLYYY Characters. Will be highly unlikely.

Do I need to break Ireland Up Between North and South? You people always have to complicate things.

Folks if you are really one of our people. It’s sad news. But it is really not the time for that kind of thing. What I would like to see is both airport locations and online options to do a vacation application where you just state where you wish to vacation and why. It should be brief and responses should come back in no less than 1 – 2 weeks. Filtering should be based on:
– Validity of travel
– Safety of Destination
– Spiritual Standing of Applicant

These measures may seem like a bit of a Nazi thing to do. But in case you didn’t already know. They worked over time to give those guys a bad name. At this point in time we all need to make sure we are going in the same direction and that we get this ride started up and working in service to our ends.

ON Vacations: Ill say one more thing. I travelled to nations in Asia where which some people have chosen to tarnish my time in those nations with a bad light. The fact of the matter is my time as a European man in those nations was highly focused and purposeful. In nations like Thailand, if you go in and do the wrong thing by them or their women, you come out bruised. I trained with US American Military Muay Thai fighters in Thailand who told me that they wouldn’t come out alive in a fight with the Stronger Thai men. I knew that intuitively. So I lived their for 5 years and had very little conflict because I did have sincere purpose and focus. I threw that light up to an Audience of hundreds of thousands of people. I want our people to have the same purpose and focus when they vacation. Where am I going? Is it good light? Is it good purpose? What will it achieve for me? What will it achieve for the nation I am choosing to visit? I have always travelled that way. Ask the people That I did spend purposeful time with. I remember people coming up to me in Thailand and looking at the books I was reading in Tonsai on the beach going “You are reading the History of Cambodia on this amazing beach?” Sure I am, I travel through these nations because I care about them. Long Long after I passed through Cambodia, Long after I read their history did the truly amazing nature of that nation Dawn on me. But it never does unless you start somewhere. Lets get that right for all of our Travellers. Doesn’t bode well for Borneos Orangutan Industry.


That’s all guys. Im Literally wrapping this up because I have to go to bed. Please keep in mind that this is just Guidance. You are on the ground and know best what is happening.

My Next Post will focus on where to open flights to.

Will keep an eye on things as they progress.

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