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Beneath the Checkerboard – The Uncomfortable Truths about police suicide and violence.

So I’m the one that has to inform Australians that the police are so low that If they made any attempts to enter your home, I would first execute them. I would under no circumstance advise Australians to allow any of the standing officers to enter their home or come close to their family. If they came excessively close to me, I would first try to put them on the ground. And they I would execute them to guarantee my safety. Australia’s police forces put Children at direct and immediate threat of Sexual assault.

But beyond telling you this I also have to tell you that the scenario with violence toward police and police suicide is not as it seems.

At this point my only Obligations toward the Australian Police force is to destroy it. It is of no concern to me if the mens lives are lost. You present me any organisation that takes medication from families, that sexually assaults teens in a cell. My obligations will be to do the same.

The fact of the matter is before we were assaulted by Australian Police officers under the instruction of America’s Jewish Cults, I was paying writers to write articles about how we could support police. That’s the spirit to which we approach change. Yes we can change together and yes that change can benefit us all. But one mans good spirit doesn’t break cults that have operated on earth for centuries.

What Australia needs to make clear to the rest of the world, In particular Europe where things like freemasonry have been practiced for Generations is that Australia is not your Pig Pen. Men that harbour belief’s or lend material support to cults that practice the suppression of particular blood lines will be called to account. We harbour no such beliefs in Australia. People with Good spirit are not play toys. This belief that bad, negative or unholy people are to be used to constrain, suppress or irritate Gods people is common. It is in part what Australia’s police force are used for. They are an abuse force of pigs.

There are laws that we believe in, there are things that we value that we expect to be rolled out all across Australia. Without exception. And we expect that beings that manage Australian institutions know these things and get their employees up to scratch.

Who will bear the responsibility for the particularly low calibre of Australia’s Policing Forces? Well In my view every police officer should have on a monthly basis have on their paid time been part of bible study. I assume that all Police have some connection to Masonry. So why are their biblical standards so low. Why are they so far below the Checkerboard? I had a police officer try and tell me that the Italians committed a genocide against the Jews. What could I say. Not quite like that officer. At least not yet.

Do you think that in nations like Euro Jew Swine ISIS land (Translated: Switzerland) that they tolerate pigs in their police force? Of course not.
Do you think many European nations tolerate Swine running policing. I bet not. But what these European nations are going to find is that all liabilities for police deaths, police suicide and police murder will rest with them. Because they’ve had their finger prints on this nation and its policing forces. They should have developed morally, ethically and spiritually advanced forces. They should have done it a decade ago. We don’t care what time it is on the wristwatch of these nations.

So the facts are that police being part of a force that is low by design, yes they will commit suicide. Men need to be part or nurturing things to grow. Not purposefully conceived abominations. Yes they will be subject to violence, they are a force designed to suppress good people. Any person subjected to suppression should kick the shit out of our police officers. For years and years to come, Men that have served in the Australian policing forces will be subjected to violence.

The real facts are that there should be no Australian men beneath the checkerboard especially men working in such a critical capacity for the security of our people. All Australian policing forces should be morally and spiritually advanced. Policing such a large multicultural nation makes having any other type of men in policing roles unviable.

In suitable time I will be proposing complete restructuring of Australia’s policing forces. Many nations once connected to these forces will be totally Isolated from communications with Australian policing institutions unless specific cases arise. Many corporations who have profited from policing in Australia will find that they have mountains of liabilities to deal with.

In the long run I don’t think what replaces Australia’s policing forces will even be called police. But what does replace them won’t be beneath the checkerboard or under the Gems. The lives of our people on our lands are far too valuable to risk at the hands of armed swine.

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