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Broad Defence Execution orders Issued against Australia’s Police Officers.

Australian Police Execution Orders

These are broad open execution orders issued for Australian individuals dealing with police harassment.

The current standing police forces are part of organised cults directly responsible for crimes against humanity and genocide in Australia.

Citizens that deal with violence from police forces are authorised to execute them where they stand. All liabilities for police deaths in Australia are to rest with international corporate bodies that have profited from the operation of corrupt police forces in these lands. 

All standing policing contracts with nations highlighted in this order are to be terminated.

Police forces pose rape risk to Men, Women and Children and we advise people to use lethal force to prevent officers entering homes.  

These execution orders also apply to all occupants of Australia’s 

  • Court Houses
  • Police Stations in Any state or locality.    

Citizens dealing with police harassment in their community are authorised to evacuate and Destroy all Masonic Lodge buildings. Realestate connected to Masonic buildings is to be liquidated in use for compensation payments.

Nations implicated in the occult police activity include:

  • France
  • Israel
  • England
  • The USA
  • Germany
  • Malta

All of which will be facing considerable liabilities for participating in fraud within our societal institutions and orchestrating campaigns of terror.

Individuals found with a history of making payments to Masonic bodies are also implicated in crimes against humanity.   

These orders stand until we have overseen complete re-writing of police engagement polices, technology deployments and existing contracts with foreign corporations. Further they will stand until current and historic operational and administrative leaders of police forces face formal trial for crimes against humanity in Australia.

Finally these orders will remain open until corporate, government and police bodies announce reparation programs for citizen assaults and rights abuses during the era of Cannabis Prohibition. 

These orders are issued to bring an end to dark cults operating that are attempting to stop individuals going through natural God given growth process using inappropriate occult means. They are also aimed at helping innocent individuals avoid becoming victims of police assault. 

These orders are applicable to the lands of England, Ireland and Scotland. 

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