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Children and Families of Police Officers added to defence execution orders.

In my last post I said Quite clearly that punishing children of the benefactors of tyranny is one easy way to ensure that people understand that you can’t feed a family on tyranny.

Even if there is police activity related to this so called virus, if that activity relates to the seizure of rights, individuals are authorised to apply blood punishments to police officers and their broader families.

For example if you live in a street of police officers you are authorised harass their families in their homes the same way they harass you. If officers give you forced harassment, you are authorised to remove families from officers homes and apply blood punishments.

The vast majority of current police officers will be occupied with trials for crimes against humanity in years coming. They have no business interfering with your affairs.

These rules are in place until formal announcements on crimes against humanity are made and the trial and disbandment of Australia’s current policing forces takes place.

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