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Community Service Announcement – Bruce Willis

Guys, This is a bit of an odd post. It’s more of a community service announcement.

Sometimes as part of our works aimed to bring peace and stability to the United States. A nation trying to come to terms with rapidly changing climates and what not. I’ll publish a community service announcement aimed at helping people work on their health and wellbeing.

This announcement is that Bruce Willis is there and available for you if you are an American Man suffering under the burden of erectile dysfunction.

If you need Bruce’s support on the topic, he and the entourage he roll wit. Have a wealth of experience in the area.

How to secure Bruce’s consultation? Telephone Calls.

I know that there are a large number of American men of the black persuasion that are purported to be in the business of selling scrap metals in America. And its not my intention to be just offloading your market share onto bruce’s lap.

But if you are a man suffering under the pangs of a floppy poppy. Bruce can probably help you out with some of those little blue pills. Sorry black guys. I know that you probably got your paws in the blue pills business over there also. But now bruce is a connect. He’s getting old. Bruce has still got bills to pay.

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