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Digital Decree #27 The Northern Territory Policing Fire Arms Decree.

The Purpose of this Decree is to Specify that going forward, Police Officers in the Northern Territory Should Not Be Permitted to Carry Lethal Weapons such as fire arms. That my general feeling that having armed police officers in the NT is inappropriate, rude and ultimately indicative of mismanagement of that region.

The movement toward this policy should be seen as a Gesture of Good Will towards the indigenous people. And acknowledgement from the policing force that they live amongst peoples who are inherently peaceful. It should be seen as a gesture from policing forces that as a force, they only wish to see and serve the long term wellbeing and prosperity of NT’s Indigenous Communities.

Over the coming Months and years NT’s Policing Departments should begin making communications to NT Indigenous communities that they will no longer carry guns in their standard patrolling duties. That in the event of arrests of indigenous men, the conduct at policing stations will be civil and polite. And generally speaking Indigenous men should not be in fear of arrest. Arrest should only be a tool used when men are endangering themselves or others. The usual consequence of arrest for example should be diversion to a variety of social service programs.

I will make one more specification for clarity. Any procurement of non lethal weapons which already seem to be used in Australian forces should happen between corporations with no association to Israel or the USA and should be handled by relevant parties in Europe. US influence will be largely removed from Australian policing forces.

This Decree is critical because Australia is being viewed by the whole world. One of the lenses we are being seen through is how we treat the indigenous people. We are not doing a very good Job. The indigenous people deserve better. They need to know that the lands that they have always inhabited are a safe place for them to grow. That is a two way street. The current standing policing forces have got hell to pay and I would imagine that due to the current levels of Chaos in Australia, that hell is coming for them sooner than later. This decree gives policing forces a path to follow. I believe in time policing will be completely re-invented in Australia so expect to see many changes. But if the NT can be a leader because of the sensitivity of the region and start communicating to the NT and the World that it will lead in communication with Indigenous people that they are a peaceful force it would be a great start.

I think I have covered enough in this decree but from my understanding and research some of the policing practices in the NT do derive from historic Liberal governments with deep relations to the US military industrial complex. What we need to do is undo some of the bad spirit that has come through those leaders and communicate with the Indigenous people. That we don’t believe they are a dangerous people. That we don’t believe they wish to do harm. That we don’t believe they are a threat. And that a few large men in patrol cars with body vests and non lethal defence weapons are enough to manage most scenarios.

I believe it is critical that policing forces start making some of these moves and communications because if you were seeing what I am seeing on TV, police in Australia look like a pack of fuckin pigs serving the forces of evil. Change needs to come from within those forces.

I would expect these issues to be deeply or more correctly – comprehensively communicated with Indigenous communities. Even if it means doing flyer drops. So that the indigenous men know, that in any event. If they have encounters with police. They won’t be dealing with a bunch of heavily armed goons.


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