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Identifying One of the Surveillance Choppers Involved in Over Land Residential Camera Surveillance.

This appears to be one of the Choppers that has been flying Directly above our house. It seems to belong to RACQ – A Corporate Automotive Group that is well established and well intrenched in Australia.

As a consequence of their participation in treason, genocide, occult murder and a list crimes so long and heinous that I won’t even list them – the following should transpire.

– The totality of their corporate assets, property holdings and liquid cash assets should be dissolved and held in an account to be used for the healing of the people of Australia.
– Directors and senior staff should be tested for any type of foreign or health effecting Influenza.
– Dependant on the outcome of those tests Quarantine periods may be required.
– Further to that – a little Black + White Onesie Funsy May be required.
– The totality of business, commerce, trade, corporate and political position held by the RACQ will be naturally absorbed by enterprise that has not been implicated in such crimes.
– A report will be produced by the senior staff and flight operators on the totality of Media reports that have been influenced by this chopper activity. All beings that have been targeted. All media operations receiving this material. Etc etc. That will be part of their final sign off from the Corporation.

As this story progresses I may pad this out.

I think that is enough for this post and I think I have made enough points that people as a whole can begin reviewing the position this corporation has amongst our people.

The totality of these orders will be retracted if evidence is provided through public discourse that the helicopter that is passing over our family home does not belong to them.

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