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My Last Gang Stalking Experience Was The Last Straw.

So I try to go out quite a few days and just have normal days.

All this talk about God, well one of the simple ways you can embrace your relationship with god is go for a long walk outside.

There are people harassing me all the time I go out. Its been like that for years now. But this being the case.
I really have to ask some serious questions.

If it doesn’t stop what does it mean? Are there people trying to rob us of our home lands?

So what I did last time is I went out for a drive. And then just went on a big random walk.

I ended up reclining in a tree. That was really nice I thought Im having a really nice chilled day at the beach.

As im on the beach this black helicopter passes. I think to myself Oh good…..Its just passing…It would really fuck me in the head if it circled back and went right over me.

Surely as Sugar. That’s just what it did. But I managed to get that out of my head and just keep going with my day.

Then I go for another long walk, take a bus home. As Im walk home. This chopper buzzes my head. On a street near my home. Completely unmarked black choppers. (Don’t get me wrong, I understand the esoteric meanings of these things, I just dont care. I think Its more jew cult nonsense.)

The advancement and level of sophistication of stalking is unreal. They are literally geo tracking every step even when I have no device.

Ive got some more posts coming soon on why they are doing these kind of things. But I have to break them and it seems my work has uncovered a few new gems and is taking directions that I think will help come to answers.

I will be explaining to certain societies and community groups that getting things or going the wrong way at this point in Australia will have extreme consequences. As a Christian in Australia. We all have different views but as we grow and take the path of christianity, access to the outdoors is universal.

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