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Tesla Automobiles to Be forbidden on Our Roads.

I have noted that Tesla have been involved in Stalking in my local area.

What do you people think? Am I allowed to call Tesla a Bunch of Trannies and then not expect any blow back. Should I be more polite to Saturn Cult Trannies? Am I not playing fair? Is Stu chucking a wobbly & throwing the pieces off the Chess Board? Poor Sport?

I don’t know. I think I should be able to warn people bout christian concerns and have said freaks involved in execution of dark abominations leave me the fuck alone thats what I think.

Anyways – Tesla Automobiles are a fairly serious chunk of Technology. They are technology that is used in surveillance, stalking and occult consciousness harassment against our people. The people that can influence these cars, presumably that can be directed, guided and even driven remotely. The people capable of doing that are far to unwell to be permitted to control that tech in our nations. So for that reason I will ask both the UK, Australia and NZ to seek to forbid that these automobiles be permitted on our roads. For those interested in Environmental Credentials lets find the next best tech. There are lots of trustworthy car business in Asia and Europe doing good stuff with environmental tech. Lets look there. Lets look also look past electric and consider other environmental options.

Tesla have had their shot in Australia. They have failed and we can’t allow people with such poor intent toward us free reign on streets that our families walk.

If you have invested in one of these automobiles I suggest you seek restitution from the company.

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