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Understanding the Occultism of The Police Uniforms.

Ive spent a lot of time contemplating on police uniforms.

It does your brain in right? These people are supposed to be protecting us. Their uniforms are blue they have checks on their head.

So my brain thinks on. Who at the highest level do they answer to? Christian Spiritual orders? Jewish Occult Orders. Well with all the symbology behind Australian forces there is no clear answer.

Do you remember I wrote a post about the red carpet saying that spirit is something that we should be able to see.

Well one of the guesses I have about policing. Is that the occultism is so deep. That men by their nature should not be retentive ‘I want to see everyone do everything perfect’ policy type of people. Thats not the nature of life. We should be men. Like wanting to have a family and a home and see good lives transpire in the people around us. But there is something dicky about standing in the “Police Man” Mind set. Im not telling you our nations don’t need some type of force. But for example PR in the police force creates a force that is something else. Ignorance creates something else.

I try to comprehend the insanity of our police actually containing symbology meaning they are low and unholy. Well thats kind of the answer I have settled on. We are being tested on our very spirit. Getting and wanting no one to for example combust herbs. Stinky Spirit. I think that is something like the correct answer on that occultism. Don’t get me wrong. I would like to see forces in place that do serve some limited function. But the occult masonic symbolism of the policing uniforms relates to the spirit of the men as in ‘what do they seek to be as a man as they wake from their bed’ – Thats what that occultism means.

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