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Would Reducing Sky Surveillance Traffic Help with the impact of Sky Traffic Noise?

So in a recent post I noted how the reduction in Sky Traffic is good for the consciousness. More peaceful skies makes for a more relaxing environment.

I have addressed this concept with commercial Air Traffic. But that is not the whole picture. The traffic over my head is a mix of craft. So I have a lot of helicopters over me.

Before I dive in, I want people to know that yes they would operate like this over your person just to cause chaos or instability in your life. I have seen men in America experience the same harassment.

If you study the work of Kevin Annett. You will hear him speak of targeting of Indigenous people specifically for the acquisition of land or the eradication of a tribal elder Hierarchy for the purpose of land seizure, claim or maybe even reduced commercial acquisition.

So if you imagine an Indigenous Australian man. Probably with only a finite conception of the whole world and its operations. If that man experiences one single arrest. Then long term on street police stalking and harassment. And then Sky harassment and stalking via helicopters (Im sure the drones are coming soon). Thats a path to stress, panic, confusion and ultimately death.

Very very sinister stuff.

Anyways, these choppers fly over my house. One of them was a marked police chopper. It was so evident that it obviously had GPS dialled into its systems. Another one is like a rescue helicopter which I have now identified. I will be publishing more on that soon. Fit with cameras.

This kind of Answers one question for me. I mean there are probably cameras all over the joint in my joint. Don’t care so much. But when I decode news stories – i’m sure they have been broadcasting about me growing my 5 miserable Cannabis plants in our back garden. Thats obviously one of the ways they do it. Running helicopters with cameras over the land.

So my view is curtailing the use of surveillance choppers over residential and community areas would help community moral. For indigenous people you know, Ive got the little guy holding a Goanna. And its kind of a joke. But its also kind of not. What impact does the surveillance activity have on people who are used to living and prospering on natural lands through the natural environment.

In line with doing some more work on the shut down scenario I think it would be wise to assess the whole air traffic situations. As in nations such as Israel where police now need to go through more stringent screening through courts I believe that anyone in the sky be they police, search and rescue, medical, traffic surveillance should be greatly curtailed and for any mission they need to run on they should both need to get pre flight sign off and deliver post flight travel logs.

This kind of regulation will mean we optimize the use of the skies which will help.

– Community health
– Wildlife wellbeing

And overall make Australia a much nicer safer place.

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