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Aboriginal Hospital Segregation Order. 

The Aboriginal People Of Australia Did Not Pass Their End Of Time Judgement.

Our Observation Of These Peoples Is That They Are Not Mentally Fit To Work In Hospital Or Medical Settings Where Caucasians Are Treated.

From This Point Forward We Expect That Hospitals Will Not Employ Aboriginal People To Work Where Caucasians Are Treated. Due To These Peoples Propensity To Form In Masonic Cults And Target Caucasian Blood Lines With Violence.

Any Australian Hospitals That Break This Order May Face Liabilities Or Consequences If Caucasians Are Treated By Aboriginals. It’s Not Appropriate To Have Beings Who Have Failed Their End Of Time Judgement For Not Meeting Required Standards Of Christian Conduct Working In Medical Settings.

In Terms Of Funding. We Advise Aboriginal Australians To Pursue Funding For Their Own Hospital Systems In Geographical Areas Where The Population Is Primarily Aboriginal.

In City Areas Aboriginal People Are Advised To Advocate For Funding For Aboriginal Specific Wards In Existing Hospitals. 

Hospital Leaders Are Advised To Permit Cross Pollination Of Medical Skills Through Combined Training Sessions Where Patients Are Not Involved Or Patients Are Provided With Advanced Specific Consent And Disclosure Documentation. 

Any Scenario In An Active Hospital Environment Where An Aboriginal Person For Any Reason Works On A Caucasian Patient Advanced Notice & Consent Approval Needs To Be Provided.

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