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Advising Full Oil And Petroleum Embargo For New Saville (Formerly Philippines)

Im Not Going To Spend A Heap of Time Elaborating.

I’ll Probably Share Stories Later.

Essentially The Cults Use Petrol As A Tool For Abuse.

To Exploit Your Time, Deceive You And Maintain A Violent Primacy Over The Land Rendering Travel For Regular Beings Unviable.

To See The News. And See That Oil Prices Are For Example Rising In A Suggestion That The People Of The Land Or The Cult Are Being Curtailed Is Not Sufficient. All Raising Prices Does Is Feed Origin Nations More Revenue And Make The End Abuse Up The Rate Of Their Abuse.

It’s Entirely Fine To Employ Saturn Tactics For Unholy Energy Utilisation For The Purpose Of Gnosis. However Such Application Of Time Manipulation For Example Is Divine. When it Constitutes Abuse, All Such Abuse Will Be Reflected On The Perpetrators.

In Malaysia For Example. You Can Jump On A Bus Or Train. And Not Expect Ridiculous Rape And Violence For Your OH SO UNHOLY Impetus To Travel And Learn. The Taxi System in Malaysia However, Historically Corrupt.

So We Support Some Nations Making Graceful Energy Transition As Long As Beings And Governmental Institutions Demonstrate The Right Spirit In Knowing The Need For Expedient Energy Transition. 

In New Saville, Because Of The Need To Do An Aggressive Purge.

We Advise A Hard Stop To Oil Importation At Any Level of Refinement. 

In Particular, We Advise A Full Embargo Of Oil Importation From Saudi Arabia And The United Arab Emirates.

Any Critical Supplies Our People Permit Into The Lands Should Be Sourced From Other Lands. Other Than The Middle East. Venezuela Could Be An Option.

The Heavy Petroleum Embargo On This Nation Can Be Used As A Testing Ground For Energy Transition In Other Lands.

I Rode A Number Of Electric Motorcycles Whilst In New Savile. So Transition Has Begun To A Limited Extent.

Concluding. The Practice Of Using Oil For Occult Abuse By A Race Of Blue Blood Curse Asiatic Monkey Niggers In Commercial Association With A Race Of Corrupt Saudi Muslim Faeces Toned Indo Brown Nigger Shit Pipes In A Lame Attempt To Maintain Primacy Over Lands That A Diversity Of People Require And Would Benefit From Safe Access To. Is Entirely Unacceptable And No Longer Tolerable. Aggressive Action Is Required For The Future Safety Of The Entire Region.

In This Case, Disruption To The Current Beings on The Land Is Of No Concern. They Are All Being Subjected To A Hard Elemental Death Purge.

I Hope Our Peoples Are Willing To Enforce A Hard Stop Of Importation Of Any Oil Products To These Lands As Part Of A Much Needed Purge. This Will Be A Test Case For Aggressive Energy Transition In Other Lands.   


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