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Advisory – Indian Car Imports Should Be Prohibited In All Of Our Nations

This Is An Easy Advisory, Because Frankly Speaking, I Don’t Believe This Nation Produces Automobiles Of A Quality Standard Acceptable For Our Nations.

As India Have Failed Their End Times Judgement, We Will Be Scaling Back Economic Relations With Them And Withdrawing From Diplomatic Dialogue In Defunct Groups Such As The Quad.

In Some Nations We Are Advocating Heavy Petroleum Embargos.

I Am Currently Considering A Hard Automobile Embargo For China, Japan And Korea. When I Have The Detail Of What I Wish To Advise I Will Publish Such Embargo Details And Provide Advisories On What Nations Should Focus On Producing.

Fact Of The Matter Is, Our Nations Are Moving To Models Where We Make Smarter Use Of Transportation Technologies By Using For Example Software Solutions, Car Pooling, Sharing, Public Transport And So On. Obviously We Will Also Be Advocating Much More Walking. And Astral Travel. 

To Describe Our Economic Belief System As ‘Free Market’ Would Be A Misunderstanding. We Will Not Allow A Scenario Where Our Nations Are Surrounded By Green Yellow Brown Monsters Hungry For Market Share Reducing Themselves To The Lowest Imaginable Behaviour To Sell Their Junk Onto Our People. With Zero Effort Towards Teaching Right Lifestyle, Right Conduct, Right Development Pathways.

At This Stage The Advisory For India Is That Their Culture And Manufacturing Standard Are Not Up To An Acceptable Level To Make Them A Viable Supplier Of Automobiles For Our Nation. This Makes It Easy To Stipulate That They Be The First Nation We Place A Permanent Automobile Supply Embargo On.


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