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Australia will not allow direct flights to or from Israel

Australia will not allow flights to go directly to or from Israel. All flights going between the location of Israel will be required to make one, possibly multiple security stopovers before arriving in Australia. Australia is expected to deeply curtail its relations with Israel and will move to join nations who do not recognise it as a sovereign nation.

During security stopovers people on flights will be questioned as to the nature of their affairs in Australia and briefed on further security procedures. For example at some point on their journey to Australia visitors will be provided with compulsory arm bands. These arm bands will be used to mitigate Rape Risk against women and children in Australia.

The Curtailments Against Israel will increase in Australia and Airlines that do not comply with our flight guidance and procedures may lose access to other valuable routes. This guidance is to be considered immediately. All beings currently based in Israel are considered High Risk and are in most cases implicated in Spiritual crimes against the peoples of our nations. There will be little need for travel between the two lands in the near future, but in the event there is there will be strict security procedures involved some that will take place at security stopover locations. Some at our own customs processing locations.

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