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Australian Financial Services COVID Pandemic Protection Guideline.

This Policy Outline is to give guidance to people on dealing with financial institutions during a Pandemic or natural disaster situation. 

Ultimately the Act aims to defend people during complex events such as natural disasters, pandemics, or any Other type of emergency scenario that effects peoples lives in Australia. Covid-19 is ultimately a staged and falsified event executed by cult bodies in nations like England, Germany, America & Israel. What we can gain from such falsified events is putting rules and systems in place to ready ourselves for such future events. 

I will start to direct this post by giving a friendly reminder to all financial institutions that their presence on our lands is only guaranteed by good service to christian people occupying these lands. The existence of banking institutions sits distantly below the dominion of the christian people of these lands. 

So during such events as Pandemics. That are presumably being perpetrated by masterful masons plentifully practiced in mesmerising muppetry.  That Financial institutions do not have the right to. 

Be rendering fees on any accounts.
Be Charging interest on Accounts
Be Pursuing Payments On Any Accounts

That all these functions can only be applied by banks operating in a civil, functioning christian environment. That a ‘shut down’ society is a society that is just that. Shut down. Including the banks. 

The reason that we need to convey this message to that industry is that. You are going to find that if these institutions discover that they can gain advantage by falsifying events. Then of course you are going to have a lot of them. We will have a falsified medical pandemic once a year if a hand full of Jews always willing and able to lie through their teeth can profit.  

This is my first piece of work dealing with such scenarios but we do need to send a message to banks in Australia that such events are not to be used to exploit people who may not have a depth of understanding to comprehend the totality of the scenario that is transpiring around them. 

So I will leave this post as a general outline as to what we are hoping to achieve when dealing with Institutions in Australia. That such events are not to be fabricated to exploit people who don’t indulge in things like secrecy, stage play and skulduggery. People who actually think their may be a system in place designed to support those that engage in good works. 

I will continue following this issue and conduct within banks as stories begin coming to light.  

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