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Australian Public Education Providers Will Play Greater Roles in Digital Due Diligence

This is being written as a policy outline and at some point may be expanded to decrees.

I passed by my old school a few days ago, my primary or jnr school. And there was a big facebook banner flashing in front.

Which just made me a bit queasy. So essentially this can’t happen, we can’t openly give children over to these corporations.

When I speak of Google I can confidently say that the activity that has gone on behind the walls of that corporation includes ‘Christian Spirit Cursing,’ ‘Planning of Sex Assaults’ and basically planning gun point abuse in Australia. Crazy talk right? For Australia. I don’t have the same list for facebook, maybe you have one? Maybe worse? Maybe not as evil as google? I don’t know. I haven’t been on it for years.

But if I just looked through the lens of biblical masonic symbolism. Which is being honest a lens with which you most commonly lose people. At this point in my life I just say ‘no way’ to facebook. I’d have to be mental to be feeding them my life. Id have to be retarded to be giving them my children.

So your children are not mine. Im not going to be caring for them where people don’t want me to be, people can make their own choices. Some folks might want their children to be computer savvy. But I will Give you a occult parenting tip I can give you as a christian man that hasn’t even had children. This is just something that I have learned from I guess reading the occult messages of the universe. That if you are a christian that has Children on these lands you don’t have the obligation to send them to a public school. You can raise your own children the way you see fit. You should at the very least take back the spirit of full control.

That’s my occult opinion. But if you just take that stance briefly, you don’t have to give your children to a school. You don’t want to give your children to a school that then gives them away down stream to everyone and anyone.

So Im publishing as a general policy outline. That Australia as a whole is going to be doing a lot more digital due diligence. In particular on large foreign platforms. Particularly in junior schools. Because frankly speaking promoting facebook at Junior school is insanity. And just as we fight against American fast food chains, we can’t let their media establishments corrupt minds before they even grow.

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