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Authorising On Street Damage and Destruction of All Tesla Automobiles in All Nations.

I have a full post coming next week where I Basically Reverse Decode the Whole Tesla Technology Stack.

Ill leave that until its done. But it not civilian technology. It is military state technology.

If you wonder why in Afghanistan they send their Children to shoot bullets at the evil faggots that make this shit.

It is because that is what having these men in your nations is like. The only way worth living is fully removing them. That is what Australia is Doing. We are processing a full purge of the Malicious spirit and technologies in our lands.

In All nations beings are authorised to damage, destroy or immobilise Tesla Vehicles as they are parked or in motion. We advise people in all nations to take this action against teslas. If you a some type of Knee Grow in the USA that thinks your snazzy for popping off push ups at a funeral. I’d be more impressed with your skills if you demonstrated you were adept at taking out technology that is literally designed to suppress stalk and harass children that play on our streets.

Ill be publishing more detail about this tech soon.

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