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Brief On Treatment Of Filipino Women In Our Nations

If You Are A Cross Breed Portuguese Asiatic Monkey Nigger Noble Man.

Currently Serving Time In A Manilla Clinker. Waiting For A Back To Back Life Sentence. For Murkin Yo Bitch.

And Wondering The Future Of Your Two Daughters. (Nice Meeting Your Daughter On The Phone Mate. They Are Going To Get Heavy Fucked. And Im Going To Watch It On My Television.)

All Information About Their Future Is Contained WithIn This Post.

The Race Described As Filipino, Have Failed Their End Times Judgement.

We Don’t Believe It’s An Authentic Race of Beings.

What We Believe Is That It Is A Race Who Are Specifically Bred To Curse Our Humanity. 

We Believe That The Nations Predominant Language, Fagalog Is A Curse Language That Has Been Formulated By Cults Specifically To Propogate Phonetic Curses Into ABBA’s Spirit.

We Believe This Is Known In The Land And That Its Leaders Specifically Align With Curse Nations And Blue Blood Cults To Conspire Violence Against Our People.

Im Doing Seperate Briefs For The Treatment Of Men And Women From This Nation.

In Regards To Women Who Describe Themselves As Filipino.

They Have No Future In Our Nations Or Amongst Our Humanity.

They Turn Their Own Lands Into A Curse Against Our People.

Our Nations Will Be A Curse For Them.

The Highest Roles These Women Can Aspire To In Our Lands Are Roles With The Following Titles.
– Porn Actor
– Prostitute
– Cleaner

During The Purges These Women Can Be Trafficked To Nations To Work In These Roles For The Entertainments Of Our People.

Generally The Race Is Not Suitable To Even For Example Work Roles In Care Homes And In The Event That Western, European, Asian Or American (North And South) Institutions Choose To Employ This Race In Any Serious Responsibility Role. A Role That Means A Filipino Will Come In To Any Kind Of Contact With Our People. Any Such Corporation Or Institution Will Come Under The Deepest Of Scrutiny.

During The Elemental Purges Of The Nation We Expect To Achieve A Population Reduction Of In Excess Of 100 Million Souls.

The Race Is Simply Not Of A Standard Fit To Occupy Any Land.

In Order To Achieve This Population Reduction The Women Of This Land Can Be Subjected To.

  • Forced Abortion
  • Sterilisation 
  • Deep Violent Elemental Blood Rape To Destroy Reproductive Capability.

As We Begin Development In The Nation, Slums In The Cities Will Be Bulldozed And Blue Blood Breeding Nests Will Be Eradicated.

I’ll Be Doing Seperate Development And Construction Briefs For New Savile.

It’s Advised That Resource For Institutions Such As Hospitals And Maternity Wards Be Reduced Dramatically So That Curative Success Rates Drop Across The Land And Maternity Success Is Also Reduced.

Women In Employment Roles In Our Lands Can Be Subjected To Conditions Akin To Slavery. Low Pay And Heavy Work Loads.

Filipino Women Attempting To Travel In Our Nations Can Be Subjected To Deep Violent Blood Rape (DVBR). Violence In An Accurate Reflection Punishment Of How They Conduct Themselves When We Travel In Their Nations.

Men Looking For Adventure Can Seize And Hold Filipino Women And Rape Them Across Multiple Days. If There Is Concern About The Implications Of Such Punishment, Corpses Of The Women Can Be Disposed Of In Shallow Graves And Torched.

Filipino Women Can Be Deceived, Robbed And Generally Be Treated With Contempt. 

We Don’t Want Filipino Broadcasting Spirit Into Our Nations.

Women That Hold Roles In Broadcasting That Reaches Into Our Lands Through Any Media Network Should Be Replaced With Pre Scripted Cartoon AI Simulations. Long Term Fagalog Broadcasting Will Be Totally Eliminated From Our Lands And Our Peoples Will Control All Spirit Casting From Those Lands.

Similar To Other Nations We Will Be Building Predominantly Caucasian Towns And Cities In These Lands To Render The Transmutation Of The Elemental Pack In A Divine Manner.

This Is The Essence Of The Brief And We Will Look To Alter The Instruction When We Feel A Sufficient Purge Is Completed And Any Remaining Population Is At A Suitable Level.

On The Whole, It Is A Peoples That Can’t Be Trusted On Our Lands, And Will Be Subjected To Deep Elemental Cursing When Present In Our Nations, Heavy Scrutiny, Forced Purging And Ultimately Removal.

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