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Dog Stalking Management Policy – The Weaponisation Of Dogs.

This Is A Brief On The Weaponization Of Dogs And A Proposed Policy To Manage It.

It Seems Sad That We Can’t Live In A Nation Where Walking Dogs Is A Simple Thing. But Sadly. The Animals Have Been Weaponised Against Us.

What You Will Find Is. Cults That Don’t Necessarily Want To Walk With Weapons Will Weaponise Something Where They Look Like An Innocent Bystander Just Completing A Normal Daily Routine.

However The Cults Are Using Dogs To Create Bad Energy Around Pedestrians And Civilians By Following Walking Paths That Mean Continual Dog Passes Across Walking Pedestrians. The Intention Is To Create A Feeling Of Enclosure Or Stalking. Its An Intentional Saturnian Energy Tactic Used By Saturnian Bloodlines.

In This Post We Will Put Forward 2 Suggestions:

1: Local Authorities Are Permitted To Shut Down Dog Breeding Operations And Fine Dog Breeding Operators And Dog Sellers If Malicious Occult Intent Is Found. Fairly Simple Remedy. 

2: We Suggest Local Authorities Prohibit The Walking Of Dogs Along Main Roads And Footpaths. And Bring In A System Where Dog Walkers Are Required To Transport Their Dog To Sanctioned Parks And Walking Areas To Walk Their Dog. 

Without Such Systems You Will Find That All Caucasian Holy Blood Children Will Be Dog Stalked And Energetically Suppressed Through The Walking Of Dogs. It’s Unlikely Children Will Notice Until They Awaken But Regardless Your School Children Will Be Energetically Harassed With Saturnian Dog Energy.

It’s Very Evident Once You Awaken, Identifying Beings Outside Of The Ethereal Realm Engaged In Energetic Harassment.  

In The Coming Week We Will Release More Aggressive Remedies To The Dog Stalking Situation.

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