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Foreign Policy Encourages Nations Such as UK, France, America, Italy & Australia to have commercial Repatriation Programs.

This is a simple suggestion to help support International Relations in our nations. I will stress it has nothing to do with having less of any type of person in our nations. It is not about removing peoples from our nations. It is about having suitable positive ongoing energetic turn over.

This post is only going to be a quick suggestion and outline. Ill leave the rest to you.

The programs should be simple and I will suggest these three elements.
– Free or Heavily subsidised Return Flights (80% subsidised) for successful applicants.
– A professional debrief on work / residency performance.
– A Cash Payment in addition to their final Employment paycheque.

This doesn’t have to be a super expensive program and should be designed to scale across large numbers of people annually. Have people leaving our nations feeling good about their time.

Some examples of dimensions of these Cash Payments.
2 Years Employment Service – 1000 Pounds
3 Years Service – 1500 Pounds
5 Years Service – 3000 Pounds
10 Years Service – 7000 Pounds

Just some random examples, but not huge wealth. Just comfort for peoples return home and appreciation for works delivered to our nations.

These programs should also include a repatriation agreement that guarantees no return of that individual migrant for example:
– 3 Year Working Payment – 2 Year No Return Application Agreement
– 5 Years Payment – 4 Year no Return Application Agreement.

That will just mean energy spreads out and migrants will have to stay and work to improve their own nation or travel to others than where they have already been. Opportunities to migrate will be then afforded to a diversity of people.

Some Community Groups that I would suggest these programs would suit.

In The UK:
– Jamaican
– African
– Pakistani
Etc Etc

In America:
– South / Central American Migrants
– Philippine Migrants

– Indian Migrants
– Nepali Migrants
– Greek Migrants
– Middle Eastern Migrants

– African Migrants

Ultimately the programs should be open to all migrated working people on Visas. Application should be simple and acceptance should be based on proof of employment and working – responses should be expedient.

Ultimately the programs would help maintain positive energetic relationships that we hold with peoples of different cultures and nations. An area where we are struggling now. There is no problem in us Constraining or limiting Migration at the borders to numbers we are comfortable with. But this program is not designed to reduce numbers of foreign workers. Just maintain positive energy flows and positive relations with people.

Hope that helps guys and I do think it would overall improve our image and relationships with some of the nations we have a long history of trading with.

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