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Indian Maternity Leave Rights

This Is A Policy Outline For The United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Greece And Australia & New Zealand.

This Advice is That Due To The Level Of Violence And Transgression The Indo Brown Races From India Have Demonstrated Against Us.

Indo Browns, Even With Citizenship In Our Lands. Are To Be Prohibited From Any Type Of Maternity Leave Payments In Our Lands.

We Don’t Want Violent Curse Cults Multiplying In Our Nations. Especially Races That Practice Violent Birth Suppression Against Us.

Ultimately Corporations Can Implement This Right Away By Only Choosing To Employ Indians On Terms That Don’t Include Any Type Of Maternity Leave. 

Being Frank, The Perceived Cost Advantage Of Employing Indians Is Completely Nullified By Their Treachery Toward Our People. As A Side Note We Would Generally Advise People Against Employing Indians In Our Corporations.

However, Beyond This. We Would Like To See Formal Government Policy Enacted That Prohibits Indo Browns / Indians Of Any Religious Background Or With Citizenship Status Receiving Maternity Leave Payments From Businesses That Serve Our People On Our Lands.  

These Policies Should Last For At Least A Period Of 100 Years So That We See A Significant Reduction in Indo Browns In Our Nations. They Need To Be In A Position Of Extreme Appreciation For Having The Right To Step Foot on Our Lands.

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