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Foreign Policy TV To Begin Publishing ART Policy

The Problem With Policy. The Obvious Saturnian Nature Of The Term.

Is That You Are Putting Down Static Words In A Constantly Moving Realm.

The Words Don’t Always Work For Everyone. And As The Realm Moves Your Policy Become Redundant Maybe Even Harmful.

Decree Is Maybe An Improvement. I Have Reservations About The Double E Which I Have Some Wisdom On.

So What We Are Going To Do About The On Foreign Policy TV Is Begin Publishing Art Policy. Art Is A Divine Energising Transmutation. Many Of Our Policy Pieces Already Have Accompanying Images.

But More Often. We Will Try And Generate Our Policy Pages With A Custom Piece Of Art. So That We Are Not Just Engaging in Politicking. But Divine Energising Transmutation.

We Will Publish Policy Art
And Decree Art.

To Continue Trying To Guide Our Nations And People In The Direction We Wish Them To Travel.

We Will Also Try And Continue To Search For The Correct Words/Vocab To Communicate Our Message Across Multiple Languages.

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