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The State of Israel Is Officially Known to Australia as an Enemy State.

As a consequence of the conduct of the people of the State of Israel In The Lands Of Australia.

– Israeli People can Be forcefully Deported at any time.
– Israeli Companies can be dissolved and destroyed, directors can be interrogated.
– Israeli Commercial Shop Fronts all need to be dissolved in these lands and any Jewish person involved in Retail shop fronts needs to be deported as Israel Goes through its period of atonement.
– As I have made explicitly clear a number of times, Jewish Men, Women and Children are bound by on-street execution orders any time they walk on our lands in the event they cause interference to your being.
– Over the next Decade many Israeli Based Corporate Operations will be formally dissolved and forbidden from operating in these lands for not upholding standards that sustain life.
– As a nation we believe Israel holds international war criminals and individuals involved in the plotting and preparation of intentionally executed crimes against humanity. As a result of this we will enforce strict border controls against that nation. Entering Australia from Israel will become next to impossible, unless you are required to give testimony on crimes.
– All Future Technology Deployment originating from companies within Israel will be denied. Israel is not a nation we can trust in Australia with Technology Deployments.
– All existing technology Deployments within the state of Israel will be dismantled, companies or individuals within the state of Israel are forbidden from operating technologies from Israel remotely in Australia. This includes all banking and online payments technologies.

If you are an Israeli that has travelled to these lands then the greatest likelihood is that any future conversations held with you will be relating to your participation in Intergenerational Crimes against the people of our nation. If you are an Australian with a history of travelling to Israel, any future conversation with you will likely be the same.

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