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Understanding The Future of Saudi Arabia.

So just to spell things out for the sake of clarity.

Our nations are going to be making sizeable shifts in our relationships with nations like Saudi Arabia.

These shifts will entail sizeable budget shifts in areas like energy.

All of our institutions will be emboldened to make these societal changes in the most practical way manageable.

During these transitions there will be no regard for the future of the people of Saudi Arabia. Many of the changes we make to our societies operations will represent one way shifts.

During these changing times Im seeing Saudi Investment in business that ultimately will render corporations un-safe to operate in our nations community environments.

Saudi Arabia will face a variety of challenges. One being the conclusion of a war in which it had significant roles in. Two. Massive global changes in energy demand.

During these changing times Australia will not seek to build closer relations with a region who’s human rights abuses and track record are not acceptable to allow them to become close to our society.

Saudi Arabia will sit as a fringe nation in our society. We won’t expect to see their peoples commonly visit our lands. Oil will become a lower second tier strategic energy focus for Australia. An energy source that we obtain from a variety of sources but ultimately regulate strictly with the goal of MINIMISING Consumption.

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