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What is our work going to do about these guys?

When you talk about and think about consciousness. People who put junk food into their body. People who put bad light into their body. Well the consequence is that the quality of your living experience is low. You don’t see the good stuff in life from the bad. It’s easy to teach a man to use a bulldozer. But do they know about the value of the lives that live in those forests? I don’t think we know exactly what we are building in Australia.

So I am going to be thinking about all of this stuff. And tend to start asking myself bizarre questions? Can you profit more by slowing down? Do we have property development right in Australia? Can we do it better? Can we make streets less congested. How can we make our lives less impacting on the animals? There is some low hanging fruit that will be easy to make changes and what better time? With the whole world being turned upside down maybe there are more opportunities for change.

But I am announcing a new project today that will I guess allow me to express my opinion more directly on matters of how we use the land around us. The shut downs in Australia have been good for the wildlife? I can see it all around me. So how else can we make decisions that help nature in Australia?


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