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Where and Why we will be focused on Breaking Down Commercial Cursing Systems in Our Nations.

I finally Got to the point that what I was trying to convey in some of our recent posts that I feel that it is critical that what we do during our lives is aggressively break down cursing systems that are operating in our nations.

The mind can be like that. Some times I think to myself, ‘Should I really be stream of thought blogging’. Sometimes I hold ideas back and wait till they form. But I guess you could say that just getting the ideas out there can help for your self clarification. As in Sometimes the very act of projecting something outwards results in wisdom or response coming back. Lets call it Boomerang Spirit. Send out something Good. Something Good Might come Back.  

So if you think my work is to be intended to be disruptive or destructive you are wrong. It is intended to destroy things that parasite off our lives. They do so knowingly. Intergenerationally. And at the very point that you know such is their intention you need to go hard on them and be aggressive.  

I told you in the past I worked in a company called virgin. There is a Photo somewhere of me with Batty Branson, so I wasn’t like a distant random person in that company. I worked there for months. Like i have said before I try to maintain the spirit that you wish for the best for those who have given you opportunities before. So years passed since the point that I worked for them. And one day my writing went from “These people need to change” to “These people need to stop what they are doing and are no longer fit to work in our nations”. Big Leap. But at that point I was like “This feels right now. What Im saying now feels right. We need to do more of this.” Thats how I feel with a lot of the corporates. 

Here is a simple guide. Everyone wants a business. Does your business make people feel good on the inside or do you profit from exploitation? 

Some of the areas we will focus on breaking down cursing systems include:
– Food both in retail supermarkets and restaurant settings.
– Banking and Finance
– Housing / Living Space
– Employment and Human Resources Systems
– Sex Lives / Sex Culture
– Transport, Travel & Postage.

If you look at the Narrative of the Film Dr Sleep. A Film I won’t really endorse or critique at this point until I have done deeper decoding. Well the concept of sucking the essence of children’s spiritual energy is real. ‘Steam’ in Dr Sleep. I’ve told this before but we were given Dollar Mite Bank Accounts as Children. Mite? A Skin parasite?  

Like I said. We have to start getting good at this. The numbers. The Symbols. The Conduct. All of it.  Purging out the Bad Guys. 

You guys are no fuckin good at it. You guys are Lilly soft. Your guys been busy bumpin Katy Perry on iTunes and Reading your local columnists take on Kate Box. But you don’t have the testicular fortitude to say something. You guys are busy growing your own Petunias and I bet that Vase be shaped like a Bazooka.  

Systems that are hard coded to exploit will be challenged. 

So i’m just writing this to clarify some of the intention of my work.

I’m not here trying to attack your noble and honourable broadly distributed hamburger dispensation chain. For the sake of shallow ethics and lefty goodness. 

Im here to destroy systems designed to feed on us. Our dominion over these lands gives us the ability to achieve great things in this work.  

More Soon. 

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