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Advising African And Asian Embargoes Against Russia


Russia Is Deeply Engaged In A False Light Spiritual War Against Our Humanity.

As I Said In A Previous Post, At This Point My Internal Occult Knowledge Base And Technology Is Better Than The Cults.

Because We Decode Letter By Letter.

We Have No Interest In War. It’s Not What We Are Exporting.

There Are A Pack Of Filth Spirit Russian Jew Pigs Casting Violent False Light To The Plane.

What We Wish To See, Is Stories About Creation. Real Humans. Building Businesses. Building Families. Building The Next Generation.

Russian Jew Pigs. Casting Faggot False Light. Are Going To See Their Sons And Daughters. Raped On A Plane. And I’m Going To Watch It On My Television. Free of Charge.

We Can Decode All Their Shit. We Know What What It All Means.

But It’s Boring To Watch Just like Netflix. Like Spielberg’s Faggot Ass Light Casting.

At This Point We Advise All African And Asian Nations Limit Trade With Russia.

And Limit Travel Of Russian Nationals.

We Will Smoke The Russian Jew Pig Out. We Will Also Be Purging The Russian Jews From Australia.

I Believe At This Point Our Minds And Our Projections Are Stronger Than Theirs And God Is More Likely To Honor What We Wish To Create Than Russia’s False Light Abuse And Fraud. Russian Families All Across Earth Will Be Violently Punished For Their Spiritual Transgression.

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