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Atlassian Blood Purge Orders

This Is A Blood Purge Order For The Corporation Atlassian.

The Image That Members Of The Corporation Practice Occult Violence Against Our People Gives Justification To Publish A Blood Purge Order.

All Members Of The Corporation Can Be Targeted In On Street Flesh Violence.

Women Who Have A History Working For The Corporation Or Drawing Salaries From The Corporation Can Be Targeted In Deep Violent Elemental Blood Rape. They Can Be Elementally Blood Raped In Their Corporate Offices, As They Walk On The Streets Of Australia Or The United Kingdom, Or They Can Be Targeted In Flesh Rape Events In Their Own Family Homes.

We Have Taught On This Topic Before, But The Kind Violence That The People In This Corporation Have Publicly Acknowledged Practicing. We Don’t Practice It. And I Know From My Own Experience. The Full Experience Of Pineal Awakening And Ascension To Divine Intelligence Can Be Accomplished With No Such Violence At All. But Instead Can Be Accomplished With Compelling Rewarding Life Practice Like Herbal Consumption, Travel And Adventure Exercise.

Generally Speaking, Our People Are At Liberty To Search For And Utilise Management And Efficiency Tools For Their Own Creations With No Reflection On The Level Of Their Awakened State. It’s Our Expectation That Our People Undertake Large Projects And Build Compelling Things.

This Corporate Bodies Confession Of The Practice Of Occult Violence Is Evidence Of A Sickness Originating From Australian And British Business As Well Us Corporations In The United States Of America. It’s Seems Already That People Who Have Practiced Violence Against Me During My Recent Travels Have Begun Paying Their Cost. All People Involved In Such Conduct Will Pay In Their Blood In Due Time.

Finally, It’s Evident To All Beings In Our Nations.

That All Characters Within The Organisation That Are Present In Media Stories Relating To Energy Companies And Energy Infrastructure In Our Lands. Can Only Be Part Of Stories That Entirely Comprise Of Deception And Fraud.

We Advise All Australians To Remain Seperate Of Any Energy Related Business Transactions Or Activity That Beings Associated With These Companies Are Reported In.

It’s Evident At This Point In Time, That if You Follow Our Work, You Will Learn More About Energy. I Don’t Have So Many Wonderful Solutions For You About How To Energise Your Home And Fill It With Luxuries At Low Cost. I Always Think On These Issues, And Hope To Have Better Material And Solutions There In The Future.

But Our Message On The Energisation Of The Body, And How To Measure Your Growth And Channel The Bodies Energies. Are More Compelling Than Anything Corporations Such As These Bring To The Table. People Of This Nation Would Be Better Off Learning What We Have To Teach In This Area.

We Have Solutions In Our Pipeline That Will Replace The Technology This Corporation Offered And Our Solutions Will Not Leave Its Users Potentially Subjected To Occult Violence. The Only People Who We Subject To Violence Are Those Who Conceive It Against Us.  

We Will In The Future Create A Summary Of Our Work On The Bodies Energies And How To Manage Your Own Beings Energetic Ascension. Please Ascribe Any Energy Related News Pertaining To This Corporation And Any Corporations They Associate With As Being Deception And Fraud. 

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