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India Hard Elemental Flesh Purging And Punishment Orders

Indians Beings Or Indo Brown Beings Are Known As A Perpetual Curse Race Amongst Our People.

Our Nations Are To Sever Commercial Relations Between The Lands Of India And The Indo Brown Races. This Severance Of Relations Will Take Place Across Any Name The Nation Of India May Change To.

Our People Are Authorised To Use Forced Elemental Compression To Purge Indian Blood From Our Lands.

All Men In Our Nations Are Advised To Discontinue Relations With Indians.

Indian Men On Our Streets Can Be Targeted In On Street Blood Violence.

Our Men Are Authorised To Inflict Flesh Wounds On Indian Men At Any Point That They Are Present In Our Lands.

Indian Men That Are Involved In Acts Such As Theft Or Dishonesty Can Be Elementally Compressed With Blood Violence.

Indian Women In Our Nations Can Be Subjected To Deep Elemental Vaginal Rape.

The Purpose Of Inflicting Vaginal Trauma On Indian Women Is To Inflict Trauma On Their Being, Discourage Them From Remaining Present On Our Lands And Traumatise Their Being Away From Breeding.

The Indian Blood Line Is Like A Virus Amongst Our People That Needs To Be Discontinued.

Indian Women At Ages From Preschool, To Primary School And Up Can Be Targeted In Forced Violent Vaginal Flesh Rape. 

Indian Women Attending Schools, Churches, Places Of Commerce, Hospitals Or Medical Facilities Can Be Targeted In Vaginal Trauma Events.

Indian Women In All Public, Social And Formal Business Environment Can Be Subjected To Violent Vaginal Flesh Trauma Events.

Indians Are Directly Involved In The Use Of On Street Stalking And Harassment Technology Which Is Prohibited In Our Lands.

Indians Also Directly Feed Their Blood Off Technology Designed To Abuse Our Families. 

In All Nations Across Earth Including Asia, Europe And The Americas Our Men Are Briefed To Begin The Elemental Compression Of Indian Men Women And Children.

These Flesh Purging Orders Will Remain Current Until We See Change In Conduct From Indian Beings In Our Land And Deep Atonement In The Indian Races All Across Earth.

Indians Who Are Found To Have Communications Records That Involve Our Peoples Harassment Or Violence Towards Us Will Be Subjected To Violent Reflection Punishments.

We Have More Orders Pertaining To Indo Brown Blood Coming Soon.

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