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Region Naming Brief – Austrasia

This Is A Region Naming Brief That We Are Publishing To Demonstrate To People How We See The Variety Of Land Masses That Surround Us.

It’s Not So Much That We Intend To Use These Names As Tools To For Example Create Formal Business Instruments. Based On The Names.

Like I Explained Elsewhere. It’s More That We Intend To Demonstrate We Understand The Deep Meanings Of The Current Names. And In Particular For The Variety Of Regions And Lands Around Us. To Let All Peoples Know What We Intend To Use The Lands For, What The Purpose Of The Lands Are, And Hopefully Encourage This Diversity Of Nations To Choose To Engage With Us And Trade With Over Other Nations. 

And By All Means, Who Knows At Some Point If The Naming Conventions Stick. Then They Can Also Be Used With Our Business Instruments.

So I’m Going To Just Outline Three Core Region Naming Conventions Here. And Some Detail Around Them.

As We Come To Publish Our Germany And Germanic Ashkenazi End Of Time Judgement. You Will See We No Longer Recognise Or Acknowledge Germany As A Nation. Due To The Degrees Of Transgression In Those Lands, There Will Be Major Alterations To The Administrative Structure Of That Land Region.

So Large Tracts Of Europe Including From The West Coast Of France To East Coast Of What is Currently Named Germany. We Will Call Northern Austrasia. Or European Austrasia. It Seems It Was Historically Just Called Austrasia. But You Will See Why We Will Use Northern Austrasia Or European Austrasia Soon.

As A Side Note, We Will Also Refer To The Land Region Currently Named France As Francia. I Don’t Think There Is Huge Need For Explanation But Francia Seems To Imply Divine Eye. Our Use Of Austrasia Is Motivated By The Thought That The Austr References The Astrals. And Asia – We Are Caucasian – But Read Asia As A Divine Gateway To The Pharaoh Eye.

So In Our Use Of The Term Austrasia It’s Our Intention To Let People Know Of Both The Interconnectivity Between Europe And Asia, As Well As Our Intention To Use The Lands As Places To Raise Beings Who Meet Our Expectations Into The Astral Realms And To A State Of Divinity.

On A Random Side Note. I Want To Name Somewhere Caucasia. I Just Don’t Know Where Yet.

So Germany Will Be Consumed In A Number Of Directions, More Detail Of Which You Will Get In A Coming Region Brief.

The Region We Now Call South East Asia. Which Again, Can Be Used Interchangeably. I Don’t Really Intend To Erase Everything. And I Don’t Really Intend To Rename Asian Nations 1 By 1.

The Region We Now Call South East Asia. From The Western Border Of Either Bangladesh Or Myanmar All The Way To the Eastern Borders Of South Korea And What We Now Call New Savile Or The Philippine Archipelago. We Will Refer To In Our Work As A Region Called Central Austrasia. And In Doing So. Those Who Work With Us Will Know Our Intention For Commercial Activity And The Administration Of Those Lands – Is To Raise The Beings Birthed There To Their Highest Potential States Of Consciousness.

Finally The Region We Now Call Australia And New Zealand I Will Refer To As Just Austrasia. With No Intention To Stop Using New Zealand Unless I Find Inappropriate Occultism In The Name. The Main Interest In The Use Of Austrasia Is To Remove The Use Of LI In Our Land Naming Because We Believe Occult Forces Use This To Imply Base Eye, Or Material Eye Or Dead Eye. The People Of These Lands Are Not Dead In The Brain And For That Reason I Will Use Austrasia As A Broad Naming Convention For These Lands.

In Summary. We Have 3 Regions.

Northern Austrasia Or European Austrasia
Central Austrasia
And Austrasia.



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