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Thai Siam Region Naming Brief

This Is Just A Short Region Naming Brief On Thailand.

So The Decode Of Thai Reads:
Transmute Defence Divine Eye

The Decode Of Siam Reads
Unholy Eye Divine Divine Compassion

We Also Run A Mirror Read With S Which With Siam Would Read
Pharaoh Eye Divine Divine Compassion

If You Study The History Of Thai Kings There Are Stories Of Insurrection And Intrigue Of Different Manner.

It Seems Like The Transition Of Names Relates To The Hijacking Of A Nation And Hijacking Of A More Authentic Kingship. 

Obviously Based On The Decode Reads Our Preference Is Siam.

I Advise The Thai People To Study Their Own History And Ascertain What Transpired.

The Term Thai Which Seems To Allude To The Suppression Of Divinity Is Not Acceptable To Us. We As A Peoples Have Already Restored Our Divinity And Gained Access To The Divine Realms. There Are A Number Of Ways You Could Interpret Thai. But It Seems They Are Using The Lands To Breed A Race That Suppress & Limit Divinity.

The Thai People Need To Be Informed If Your Lands Are Used As A Place To Breed People Designed To Kill Our Blood And Suppress Our Access To The Divine Realms, It Then Becomes Our Obligation To Kill You At A Faster Rate.

This Being Said, As Far As Naming Conventions In Our Media We Will Use Thailand And Siam Differently. And In The Purging Of The Lands Of Thailand. The Beings The Restore The Authentic Nature Of The Siamese Kingdom And Aim To Build Harmonious Relations With Our People Will Be Granted Access To The Living Ethereal Realms. Where The Corrupt Thai Elements Will Not.

That Is The First Of Our Geographic Naming/Re Naming Guidelines. More To Come Soon.

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