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In the USA Women are bought and sold on the stock market.

The sex problems of the world don’t come from men wanting sex. Men should want sex. Please let’s not stop having sex. I think that doing so might result in problems in the future.

The sex problems of the world don’t come even from lust. They really come from structural forces. A few months ago I wrote a post about how we decided to be a porn free media company. And how companies like Twitter and Facebook have basically allowed integration with the porn industry.
Well these same companies are stock listed. I mean duh. How simple is it to figure it out. So investors outside of Twitter just want the stock to go up. One of their revenue streams is selling adds across porn traffic. So where do you think the growth is going to come from? It is highly likely that these platforms are going to encourage porn behaviour. It is highly likely that they would fund or support porn production.

These are really simple links to make. Yes we stand against factory production of cattle. Please don’t stick the moo cows in boxes then kill them. But we also stand against the structural prostitution of women that happens with this kind of laxity in morals. These platforms portray themselves as the front of Americas communications infrastructure. But thats sad because communication is all about credibility. How can any of americas communications be credible when they are financially structured to sell women into prostitution.

I’m not trying to send the world in to a flurry of christian sexual morality. I’m going to change what people perceive the bibles message of sex is. When it comes to sex I think we should have societies that enjoy healthy sex lives. But on the back of the article I posted about twitter I just said to myself….DUH its so obvious these are NYSE listed companies. So in America they sell women into prostitution in their stock markets. Of course there will be prostitution. And they want to talk about my Banana? Well my Banana chose never to connect business to booty. My Banana never connected corporate to cunt tree. The two just don’t mix too well. But in American society I would suggest they don’t have the same moral beliefs.

Sometimes people say to me on the internet “In America we believe XYZ.” When people say “In America we believe” my most common reaction is “Who gives a fuck what you believe in America.” I don’t think they have set the bar so high and I think they have a lot of work to do. Starting with the dumb simple obvious fact that you are prostituting women on the stock markets. I don’t know if we have this in Australia. I don’t know if there is stock listed prostitution. Stock listed porno. I hope not. Im surely not invested.

But if we want to help women in the next generations this insight is really simple. Americas core corporate offering. It’s Core world wide communications platforms systemically prostitute women. I don’t believe in banning things like porn. I have this belief that installing forceful barriers between people no matter how they connect is only going to cause suffering. But I do believe in stopping what you would call structural prostitution. Established corporations indulging in prostitution. Groups of Men Coordinating Porn Production and Prostitution. And i’m telling you with the sophistication of digital technology this is super critical that we don’t allow systemic structural prostitution to become part of commercial and communications systems. Because it will get to a point where prostitution is hard coded into peoples lives.

The USA is one of the worlds largest producers or porn, is most directly responsible for the operation of world wide prostitution operations. Is entirely accountable as a nation for a mountain of sex related criminal activity. All of which we expect to see cleaned up.

I as a man will not prohibit or constrain human sexual activity. What we need to do is dismantle structural forces that profit from sexual activity through stock trading systems, organised corporations and collaboration between people to buy, sell and exploit souls.

The USA is the worlds largest producer of Porn and One of The Worlds largest protagonists of Global Prostitution. The World Expects to see America Clean Itself, and justice administered for allowing abuse to be structured within institutions such as finance, media, digital and society as a whole. During that clean up the world would expect to see the many large US institutions who have profited from Porn Face Justice as well as individuals who have been part of the production of that industry. As America is the Leading participant it will face the largest toll for openly accepting commercial porn and prostitution be part of its society.

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