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A Story

I’ll tell a short story. A Few years ago when I was living in Coffs, I realised that the narrative we are told of Australia is a Con. The Commonwealth etc etc. So I went to the CBA and closed my account. I was like, Gee i’m a clever boy. Separating myself from deceptions.

Separating yourself from things is important. I haven’t bought a beef steak from the supermarket in like 17 Years. I stopped consuming meat as a life habit many years ago. You get this empowering spiritual separation.

What I want to explain in this post, that example of Separation from the bank, obviously wise if you look at all the crap that is happening in those banks now. But what blows my mind is these two things.

– Since then the pure number of things I have had to seperate from or try and seperate from as my wisdom increased.
– And how little life has improved in with aggressive separation.

But what ever force has sought to subdue me, it don’t like me, and its hiding something way funky. And I’ve had to get really aggressive with it. It as a force has put it’s hands on me violently. Me not yet it. It is a force that I can now see in detail. Name, Address, Occupation. It’s a force that is getting increasingly sick in method.

Anyways the main point. What ever it is that has come up against me, I have had to double the intensity to get rid of it. Its methods are pretty sick to the point my whole house is bugged out. I owe it nothing.

There is a two fold scenario transpiring. I have this family history that speaks of power. But I really didn’t know that at all until I was Almost 30. But if you threw that family history in the trash. And you renamed me to Wendy Quinn Wendyson. And Put me in a pink dress. And then just take the work that I do often when sitting in bed in my free time. There is another huge truckload of power. So folks are not going to like me.

One of the ways I choose to live is not to allow external forces to curtail my energy. That is both a life choice and a biblical obligation. You hear those stories of the guy that tries to become US president. And they control him like so much they have the radio remote ray that changes the words that come from his mouth as he speaks. Im not so easy to control. Im the kind of leader, who when he feels like it is time to expel some semites, will come right out and say ‘It’s time to expel some semites.’

Anyways something I wish I could explain in almost every post I write. If there is one thing that is forbidden in our bible, and something we are told is guaranteed to result in death, would be me curtailing the energies that bring wisdom to my brain, and curtailing using words needed to destroy tyrannical systems that operate in our land. Curtailing = Wrong Tree.

I’ve spoken a little about indigenous death and suicide which has been closely linked with social policy in Australia. It was sad news to me some months back to hear of suicide amongst our own Scottish people that live on these lands. It is no concern to me if I destroy and incarcerate the entirety of forces that bring oppression to our people on these lands. Either you serve us and our ends on our lands. Or you are an enemy on our lands.

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