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A Walk and A Wish.

It has been a while Now since I have been for a walk. Too many strange stalking things.

– There was that Gas attack which after about 5 days I tracked it back to Low Born USA Jew Pigs.
– There is constant Policing Passes. Which is just annoying having the beauty of Our Lands interfered with by Pigs.
– I had some people stalking me with strange technology. Like Goggle Tech.

Anyways This is going to be one of our measures and tests. That Peaceful walks where All that I see on the streets Are people living their own lives and going about their own business. Until That transpires the restrictions and curtailments that I will be placing on the nations of Israel and America will be violent and extreme. This wish for peaceful walking and peaceful carrying out of our own business Is something that I wish for myself and something that is deserving of all the people of our lands. Wouldn’t we wish that for all of our children, that cars on the street are not to stalk surveil and harass.

So Thats the Wish. I told you guys how I used to walk a lot in Chiang Mai. Well I thought I’d share another one of my favourite walking spots. This is a spot I only got to walk for probably about 2 – 3 days. I might Have actually travelled there twice. Nikko. A short trip out of Tokyo. Nikko is touristy enough to be Tacky. But so naturally beautiful to be almost impossible to render tacky. Anyways I walked in Nikko for hours once almost so long that I started to get stressy that I wouldn’t be back by nightfall.

So thats My Wish Guys, That in my own lands I can walk with no Piggers and No Goonies.

Until That transpires I will be Issuing more strict Purge and Execute Orders For corporations and Nations Responsible for this kind of activity in our lands.

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