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African Nations and African People End Times Report Card.

This is a small run down of conduct we are observing amongst African nations and their peoples dispersed amongst ours.

Once this has been made public I will go on to inform people about our broad response to the conduct. Future mitigation strategies. Punishment Measures. And ultimately the future direction for our collective peoples.

These are the core behaviours the African Peoples are Indulging in:
– Targeted geographic Stalking and suppression using military grade tracking and harassment technologies.
– Coordinated Violence. Multi Person Coordinated Violence Events using Weapons such as Guns.
– Attempted Destruction of Property and creations that come from our hands and the hands of our children.
– Deep Occult Slander against targeted individuals for the effect of shifting power balances across our lands.
– Targeted Sexual Abuse of Individuals within our societies.
– Spirit Hexing and Spirit cursing using modern media technology platforms.
– Use of Media Platforms and Devices being sold to our children as educational devices to curse and hex users of platforms.
– African Peoples also seem to have multi generation connections to US Armies and military exploitation of Asiatic Nations.

I believe a percentage of the activity is coming out of the city of London and some cities in the USA.

As a result of the extremity of this hexing activity I will be producing a body of policy designed to protect the next generation of people from African Spiritual Aggression across our lands.

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