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America Is Now Known As A Rogue Criminal State War State

As a rogue criminal war state that is engaged in acts of Insurrection in the lands of Australia, Australia authorises

– Full Flight Shut Downs.
– Trade Embargos, All Nations are advised to suspend trade with the USA.
– Full Military Expulsion – Australia No Longer Require Any US Military elements to remain in Australia.
– All US Service Personnel can be placed in A state of incarceration for the crime of waging war.
– No US Service personnel will be permitted to enter our nations under any circumstance ever again.
– Nations are permitted to block or prohibit supplies be shipped to the USA for the crime of waging war in our lands.

The people in the lands of the USA have been judged as not up to standard to join humanity on the rest of our journey. Australia will be heavily curtailing it’s relationship with the USA.

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